Homemade Instruments - Nicolas Bras, 1st album!

After 300 solo concerts with my homemade instruments, it is time to record!

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Homemade Instruments - Nicolas Bras, 1st album!

I have been building musical instruments for 10 years now, PVC pipes, old scrap, recycled wood, tin cans, hijacked objects and everything that can sound.


Now I got over 1000 prototypes of winds, strings, percussions and other unclassifiable, and in all that mess, around twenty instruments I bring on stage for my solos.

My project Musiques de Nulle Part, wich I have been working on full time from some years now, has diversified, exhibitions, conferences, installations, workshops, scenography, but I always come back to the stage and this solo that I use as a laboratory and a place for personal expression.


Here I am just a musician in front of his instruments, I can improvise, compose, mix sounds and frequencies, take roads I already took or try new ways, just play.

I have from a long time ago the desire to capture these always moving musical pieces on a recording, I didn't make it until now because I want to make it fine.


I do not fit into labels and other producers, I do not reach big stores, I just want to record a musical moment and share it with you.


That's why I use this platform, currently the best option for us DIY artists, and offer to directly participate to the making of the project. Your participation can take different forms, from the friendly help to the subscription to the purchase of the album, or disinterested philanthropy (yes it can happen).

Je vous remercie de votre soutien, de partager au maximum cette page et les vidéos, de votre participation, même modeste mais qui peut faire toute la différence, et vous invite à explorer les différentes contreparties proposées pour trouver celle qui vous conviendra!

I thank you for your support, for sharing a lot this page and the videos, for your participation, even a small one can make the difference, and I invite you to take a look at all the counterparts to find the one for you!

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The name of the album will be Homemade, for a first disc I want to record in the best place I know : at home with all my instruments.


The recording will be 6 days long, one day for settings, three days of recording and two days of video captation.


The sound engineer will be present all time, the video team will come on last two days.


Here is the budget :

Sound engineer : 2500 €, 6 days recording, mix, mastering

Video team : 1500 €, 2 days recording, montage

Equipment rental : 1000 €

Graphic artist : 700 €

1000 CD production : 4000 €

Counterparties shipping cost : 300 €


Total : 10 000 € The susbscription is 6000 €, Musiques de Nulle Part will give 4000 € if the project lead to the end. The money of the crowdfunding will be donated on Nicolas Bras' personal account. If the subscription exceeds the goal, I will use the extra for the production of a making-of with video team.

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