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In a few words ? Quiubo? is a sexual and reproductive education and prevention project in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, during August 2021. The project was named Quiubo? after the Latin American expression "quiubo", which means "what are you talking about", as an invitation to dialogue, a conversation on subjects that can be taboo. In detail ? My name is Victoire, I have just passed my medical school exam and I will be starting my internship in gynaecology and obstetrics in November. At the beginning of the year, I came across the Franco-Colombian association Caminos de Esperanza in Barrancabermeja, Colombia. It is a foster home in a disadvantaged area that offers educational support to children and teenagers up to the age of 18, meets the families, organises activities in the neighbourhood and provides social assistance to the inhabitants. With multiple problems linked to the lack of knowledge about sexuality, the menstrual cycle and reproduction, I embarked with them on a sexual and reproductive education project and a fight against menstrual insecurity. A friend with complementary skills joined in the adventure! And that's me, Lou-Andreas, I'm an event and mediation designer and I work in a scientific popularisation team. I accompany our projects with the designers, I imagine workshops and events to share knowledge and communicate about physics. I joined Victoire to set up the Quiubo? project with her, and this time to talk about sex education ! The Quiubo? project is supported by the French association Gynaecology Without Borders. On site ? We are going to set up workshops on five themes : anatomy and reproductive functions, desire and pleasure, male-female relations, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases. As well as a second action against menstrual insecurity by making menstrual panties with the women and girls who need them. We would also would like to organise an activity with the young pregnant women of the neighbourhood.

Allocation of funds

We need support to buy the necessary materials for the workshops we will be holding with the local inhabitants, to carry out prevention activities with pregnant women and local doctors and to buy fabric for the menstrual panties. All unspent money will be donated to the association Caminos de Esperanza. A commission of 8% will also be paid to KissKissBankBank if the campaign is a success. You will informed of the project's progress and the usefulness of your donations through our website https://quiubo2021.wixsite.com/colombia or on our Instagram account @quiubocolombia2021 Muchas gracias!

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