Hubert Tisserand à la poursuite d'un titre Européen!

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Hubert Tisserand à la poursuite d'un titre Européen!



My name is Hubert Tisserand. I was born on September 1993. After practicing many different sports, I discovered at the age of 10 that Golf was my favorite one.





After graduating from High School in 2011, I decided to go study English in College. Shortly after I got the opportunity to integrate The University of Misssouri Kansas-City (USA). It definitely was an amazing experience for me to study Marketing while playing Golf in the UMKC's team.





I will never forget wearing these colors. Playing for this team allowed me to develop my golf skills and also made me a better person. Go Roos!!







I also had the privilege to play tournaments in many different states (Hawai, Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Florida and so on).




Made a new friend down in Florida :) Watch your steps!


Thanks to that I learnt a lot about myself and developed some skills which made me become a better golfer.



My Best Results


* Winner of the 2012 French Cup


* 7th at The 2013 Portuguese International tournament


* 5th at The 2014 Belgium International tournament


* Qualified for The 2015 French Open (Pro/ European Tour)


* Winner of The 2015 Kiawash Island Invitational (South Carolina)


* Winner of The 2016 Alps Tour tournament in Metz, France (Pro)


* Become 1st at The 2017 French Amateur Ranking (for 4 months)


* 3rd at The 2017 Belgium International tournament


Selected to represent the French team at The 2017 University Oympic Games in Taipei, Taiwan



Winning my first Pro event as an Amateur was amazing! I will never forget the way I managed this last round!



It definitely was something special to wear the French colors during The 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei.


My Plan


I like to say that in order to become one of the best it is essential to practice with the best. Therefore, I decided to work with three different coaches. I can now work in good conditions with a swing coach, a mental coach, and a physical coach.



With my swing coach, we like to create drills which divide the full swing into different parts. Here, the goal is to create more angle with my right arm. I also work a lot on the movements of my feet.



Another one at the Flag :)



They said "Grip it, and Rip it!" :)


In order to continue improving my game, training with good coaches is extremely important. Practicing with them will definitely help me to have a good last season as an Amateur, and to have good results in the best International Amateur tournaments.


Playing such events is key for me since it will allow me to compete against some of the best future Professional players. Moreover, it will enable me to gain en essential experience to reach my next goal: turning Pro next September.


After turning pro, a player needs to become a member of a specific tour. Therefore, Qualifications are organized. This particular tournament is extremely competitive, and required a lot of confidence in order to be successful.. In the long term, my plan is to become one of the best player of this sport. In order to do so, I will need your help.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Financing Details


Today, I am lucky enough to count both Ping Europe and Srixon Europe as hardware partners. 



Ping has been helping me for 5 years now. They gave me the opportunity to play with their clubs since 2012, which has definitely been a big advantage for me.




Srixon is a newer partner. Since October 2017 they allow me to practice and compete with their balls and gloves, probably the best on the market.


Financially speaking, your help will allow me to practice with my coaches, but also to participate in different tournaments all over Europe. In 2018, I will play 14 different tournaments.


Here is how I will use the money:


COACHING: $700/ month


TOURNAMENTS: approximately $1000 each


  -Entry Fee: $150


  -Travel: $300


  -Housing: $400


  -Meals: $150


Therefore, you will understand that in order to play all these tournaments I will need $14,000. Moreover, If I want to be able to regularly practice with my coaches, I will need an additional $6,000.


As a matter of fact, I decided to create different steps in my campaign.


- With $5,000 I will be able to reach the first one. This will allow me to play 4 tournaments in Europe, and to occasionally practice with my coaches.


- The second one is around $10,000 and will enable me to play 7 tournaments and to practice a bit more with my coaches.


- The third palliate which is around $15,000 will give me the opportunity to compete in 10 different tournaments all over Europe and to regularly practice with the people who help me to get better.


-Finally with $20,000 you will allow me to compete in all the 14 tournaments and to visit my coach on a weekly basis. 




Playing big tournaments in Europe and in the rest of the world, and being supervised by good coaches has a cost. A season is around $20,000.


This is the reason why I need to be financially supported. I will truly appreciate your help.


"Hubert Tisserand will earn the entire collection".

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Thanks a lot for your help !! I am glad to count you as one of the person who help me in my campaign :)
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Thanks a lot for your help !! I send you a wink from the fairways with an autographed photo on a tournament venue :)
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Thanks a lot for you help! You want to know more about my plan? You want to have more information about how I train and prepare for tournaments? Let us have a talk on Skype so I can give your more details :)
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Thanks a lot for your help! I will send you a signed cap for your contribution to my campaign :)
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What a serious help! Thanks a lot! I would love to meet you and to let you attend to one of my training.
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Voor €150

Amazing! Your help represents a lot to me! I will be more than happy to share a meal with you and to explain you more about who I am and what I want to achieve in Golf.
  • Levering April 2018

Voor €200

This is thanks to helps like this that I will be able to meet my goals. In order to thank you I will be glad to practice with you during one morning :)
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Voor €300

Wow! You are simply one of the most generous person I know! What about playing 9 holes together at the prestigious Golf Club de Lyon, France. I will also be glad to share the lunch with you.
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Thanks a lot for such a generous help! Do you want to compete with me? No problem, I will be glad to play in competition with you. My only condition is to win! :)
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Voor €500

Incredible! It means a lot to me! Do you need my help too? I will be happy to have a talk with you and your employees, partners, or customers during a company meeting.
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Voor €1.000

I do not have anymore words in order to let you know how I feel about your help. Thanks a lot! I will therefore be more than happy to have your company logo on my shirt and to represent you the best I can.
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