Ice Bike Cream Music

Help me to create a original ecological and imaginative vehicle inspired by J. Verne to distribute sorbets and joy to the urban landscape

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Ice Bike Cream Music

Project genesis: as a child I took great pleasure to use everything I could find in the kitchen to create marvellous deserts which I appreciated with great naïveté. As a young adult, I chose to study graphic design. One night, I had a dream: I would tend a boutique with regal based sorbet or with plants. The whole neighbourhood would press to enter. Next morning the decision was made: I would launch the project.


At the moment I had enough savings and spare time, I went to Paris at L'ecole Le Nôtre for a professional training (conducted by Gérard Taurin, 2003 world champion of sorbet and ice cream technology).


I choose to use ingredients offered by nature: vegetables, fruits, roots, herbs, spices etc. After numerous experiences I've noticed that different flavours, once put together, could take real attitudes. Some marry perfectly, others reject each other or dance together. Some juxtapose, others are competing for first place. Our pallet is build in such way, that you could create a real "gustative journey". At that moment, as a musician, I began to compose cords, harmonies to create gustative melodies which could be extravagant, melancholic or lovely.

Since a year and a half, I've invested all my savings in the set-up of my atelier. I'd like to offer my products on public places or events under the form of ice sticks (sorbets and ice cream with stick). To achieve this, I'd like to build an atypical bike which could make the city more fun. I chose a bike because it's ecological, non pollutant and easy to move. I'd like to decorate it the "Nautulus" way with big windmills catching wind while riding.Friskos-1430765704 Velocongel-1430765816 Velopetit-1430765895 Virtual walk in my "atelier"


the flavors I want to create are for exemple :


Pear - Lavender

Lemon - Cinnamon


Pina colada

Daïkiri - Straberries

Banana - Caramel, etc

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collect will serve to buy a cargo-bike and an integrated refrigerator. It will also serve to finance the decoration of the bike by a group of Brussels youngsters in the context of social integration.


- The amount of 5500 Euros include :


The price for the bike with the freezer accessory : 3700 Euros.

The cost for the construction and the decoration and the material needed : 1.800 Euros.


If the target budget is exceeded: yepee!

In case it's small amount, it will allow to make the "unknown-riding-object" more outlandish (accessories, music, atypical mechanics). In the eventuality of an important exceeded amount, why not produce a second bike?

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