IHYA Improve Hydraulic Yields in Agriculture

IHYA is a green , human size , modular desalination plant. IHYA team needs you now to build their first industrialized prototype PIE III.

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IHYA Improve Hydraulic Yields in Agriculture

Water scarcity overview :


  Maybe you heard 4 billions people face at least one month blue water scarcity per year and 500 millions are facing severe water scarcity during all the year.

Today two kind of solution exist : 


-  Retention basin or 1bn $ desalination plant : efficient but highly capital intensive  not affordable for developed countries or individuals. 




-  Low cost, low tech solution (such as simple solar still) but not efficient enough to be sustainable




In front of this challenge we are proud to introduce you IHYA :

the mainstream, open source, fresh water technology :


IHYA is a multi effect distillation unit with two majors innovations :  


- Use of solar energy to power the unit




- A smart thermal exchanger optimizing solar energy transfer throughout the day.




- A vacuum room to allow low temperature evaporation.


And that's why 


- IHYA is as big as a Vespa.


- IHYA uses only solar energy.

- IHYA is modular.   


- IHYA is innovative. We like to repeat it ^^.

- IHYA is afordable for developping countries


Those innovations will allow farmer and individual of developping countries to rely on themselves for water production. 


Our goal is to develop the technology and, when it is going to be mature, to release it for free  We belive that this solution has the potential to help a lot of people and could be further optimized by the help of specialist from all over the world.


Today the following steps has been completed :

- design of the solar collector, exchanger and pumping system (on paper everything is fine)

- validation of technical solution for low cost prototyping (and production ?)


We need now to investigate the following points :

- validation of design by performance testing

- industrialization of the final solution




IHYA team :


-Karim is a O&G Process and Safety Engineer.

-Wajih is an operational research  engineer 

- PIE (Prototype Initial d'essai) which leaked quite a lot :D.


Waar dient de collecte voor

You already had the chance to meet PIE :). 

Here is another picture.


PIE profile picture :

The first prototype was made of wood and steel plate hand crafted using classical tools. Not enough precise to avoid the multiple leakage. We abandon it to a more precise solution.


Look how PIE is cute with his green boxes from the famous Swedish company ^^.



Good looking , isn't it !!!

The second prototype has been manufactured with a laser cutting machine using plexiglass plate, rubber seal and copper connector. We managed to avoid leakage, we can now start to test the physical behaviour.



Next step PIE III :

Building PIE and PIE II improved our know how. It also opened our eyes on improvements.

We can now have a better estimate of prototyping cost for the next phase :

- vacuum pump 100-300 €

- gasket and plexiglas 0-200 €

- electronic control unit 200-400 €

- solar collector 200 - 400 €

This has a cost and we budgeted 500 € as a minimal requirement for PIE III.


After PIE III :


Guys please cross your fingers and hope PIE III will rock.

It will be an important step in the IHYA project and open new horizons.

Why not introducing IHYA to potential first users if we collect >500 €.





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