ILIOS (towards your red light)

A photographic book about the metamorphosis of memory around the mythical nature of love.

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ILIOS (towards your red light)

ILIOS (towards your red light) speaks of a metamorphosis, a slow passage from shadow to light, an endogenous and exogenous path, from love to obsession with the sun, towards an attempt to analyze the impermanence of memories, of grafts, joints between bodies, towers, maternal warmth and the distorted, mythicized, desired figure of Flavia. A sick need to retain and distil an experience as simple as love, to then end up with the creation of an essence that goes outside of its original form, no longer true, so idealized that it loses its point of origin, dirty with nature, which allows its variety and its survival. It therefore led to an interlocking between our need to sediment these images and create a layer where life rather than death could permeate.How to look the sun straight in the eye and then give its colors to the rest of the world. Following this astronomical phenomenon called redshift, that of approaching a source of heat, towards a star, while the temperature of her light changes, warming me and warming her. Book details • Munken Print White 70 g/m2 • Delicate handmade cover with rice fiber paper 240 g/m2 • Japanese binding with red thread • 10,5 x 14 cm • 152 pages First edition of 100 numbered and signed copies Design and editing by Chochana Rosso Digital printing done by Escourbiac

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Support for this campaign will cover the production of 100 numbered and signed copies. Everything will be printed by the French printing house Escourbiac and bound by hand! The book is covered with a delicate watermark of rice paper, wrapped in a red thread and with a personal print attached as thanks for the support and achievement of this first work, as well as my gratitude to you! The budget for the book will include the preparation carried out by Escourbiac (printing, paper, shaping, transport), printing equipment, packaging and shipping.


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Book / ILIOS (towards your red light)


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Copy signed and numbered English • 10,5 x 15 cm • Japanese Rice Paper Cover • 81 pages First edition of 100 copies

Estimated delivery: October 2022

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Lots of love and if you are close enough a personal print handmade in darkroom!

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