Organization of an international illustration contest and development of program of activities on biodiversity for IlustraMaxima.

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Organization of the second international illustration contest on biodiversity and development of the fourth program of environmentally-related artistic activities, within ILUSTRAMAXIMA 2014.



IlustraMaxima is a cultural project related to biodiversity that encompasses two main ideas:



This second international competition is aimed at raising awareness among cartoonists and illustrators around the world.


With this in mind, artists participating in this contest shall be asked to prepare their works based on several aphorisms and maxims related to environmental issues.

Each participant shall then choose and illustrate up to 3 of the suggested maxims, using the techniques he/she deems most appropriate.


Works shall be judged by an expert jury and prizes shall be awarded to the 5 best works in the jury's opinion.



Within the framework of the IlustraMaxima project, and in consistence with the past three years, Saure will again coordinate a plan of activities and meetings to promote permanent growth of this project based on ecological and environmental concepts.


This cultural action framework intends to have a global impact, and consists of:


1. Live activities: speed illustration contest.

2. Symposium from illustrations received on the subject of water.

3 Literary art cinema sessions on the subject.

4 Nature drawing workshop for children and teens.


These activities will be visible thanks to an e-world map.


Illustrators from around the world interested in organizing these four categories of cultural activities in their cities will have the possibility to do so through a software that will allow to make them public and to share them through videos and images.




The number of participants registered last year (2013) shows a very high level of engagement, that we wish to maintain or extend, in order to offer illustrators interested in the environment, a space where to recognize and reward their worth.



2013 participation results.



As well as offering new cultural activities related to the environment.








Live activities: speed illustration contest.



Related items.




Digital e-Catalog

ILUSTRAMAXIMA - Initiative eau


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In order to carry out this second international cultural project, ILUSTRAMAXIMA 2014, which revolves around biodiversity, we need to manage and coordinate several aspects.


a. - Website page structure devoted to the international contest in five languages: Spanish, Basque, English, French, Portuguese.

Ensuring staff in charge of the operation and the management software; writers, translators, programmers, designers, jury...


b. - Active communication work in media and social networks, monitoring and advice to participants and a maintenance of the software.


c. - Rewarding with €2,000 to the authors of the five best works.


d. - Publishing an online catalog that will showcase between 50 and 60 of the best works submitted and make it available on various digital media platforms. It will cost less than €3, but it shall be free of charge for all the authors selected in the catalog.


a. - Creation of a team of volunteer authors interested in the activity.


b. - Advice staff for the evaluation and preparation of local activities and in other countries.


c. - Exhibition of the award-winning works in panels.

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