Alone, Liz will only be on the water. Today, there is already a team around her to help organise the challenge, search for funding and communicate on the project. Tomorrow, It will be a pool of sponsors and supporters who will live with or via her an adventure unique! An experience unique that holds strong values: Performance, adventure, sportsmanship, courage, audacity, self-discipline, emotion, freedom, dream… and Feminine! Join me in this adventure!


Het project van A tot Z




Courage, endurance, a mental of steel, and an amazing exploit both human and sporting: Liz Wardley, the "girl of the oceans", is throwing her body and soul into this unique adventure.  She welcomes you to join her…


« Chook », as she is affectionately nicknamed in the sailing world, is not built to stay on dry land. The Ocean is her element. The ocean is her life. Full of determination and energy, faithful to her motto «Impossible is not Liz», she has engaged in a project just as exceptional and ambitious: To Paddle across the Atlantic solo on an Outrigger Canoe. The purpose built canoe which she will use is ready, Liz as well.  Even though she will do this exploit solo, Liz wishes to share it with as many people as possible.  Therefore, today, she needs you


« Impossible is not Liz »

Liz Wardley has turned towards a new horizon with this Atlantic crossing. « I am full speed ahead with this project! I train hard every day, I compete in canoe and SUP races, I search for sponsors, I live 24/7 with the ambition to succeed this challenge. » A challenge that has never before been tempted, a factor that provides even more motivation, as she believes « nothing is impossible »!


Come live my dream with me…

« I realize to sell a dream is not very acceptable, but that is precisely what I want to do here today. So come and live my dream with me!»  The project Tusitala*, code name for the first mission « Impossible is not Liz », is launched! It is just waiting for you to come aboard.         * Storyteller in Samoan


Come On Board With Liz WARDLEY For a World First!


> 4600 kms between The Canaries and The Caribbean...

> 10 hrs. of paddling per day

>  35 to 45 days at sea where she will never leave her Canoe


An Outrigger Canoe 7metres long


Inspired from the Polynesian pirogues and designed in collaboration with the architects from the French boat yard Structures, the prototype measures seven meters long built by Liz and Sebastian Dechaume.  Built from carbon fiber, it’s light, rigid and strong. Designed in tight collaboration with Liz and Sebastian, to be completely adapted to her specific needs, this canoe is innovative and multifunction. As indeed, Liz will never leave her canoe during the crossing. She, therefore, needs to be able to sit and stand up to paddle, and lie down to sleep.





Hier dient het geld voor...


The funds collected will be used to rent the escort boat and pay the skipper, which is a key element to the succes of this project.  Aswell as communication costs so that you can share my adventure with me live!

If we are able to collect more than 7000 euros, the remaining funds will be used to buy custom made waterproof covers in order for me to be more confortable and to avoid skin irritations.

And of course to buy the food appropriate to give me enough energy!



Liz Wardley

Girl of the ocean... It was on 6 December, in 1979, at Kokopo, on the other side of the world, in Papua New Guinea, when Liz Wardley was born. Australian, with British parents, now living in France, the ‘miss’ of the Antipodes can easily wear the trendy slogan « citizen of the world»! Citizen of the world, but also and better suited « girl of the ocean... Meer bekijken

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Que ton rêve puisse devenir réalité !
Que ton rêve puisse devenir réalité !
Salut Liz De tout cœur avec toi pour ton défi, ton dynamisme, ta préparation, ton expérience maritime sont des atouts certains pour accomplir avec réussite cet exploit.Je te souhaite donc une traversée pleine d'émotions et de succès ! Heart goes out to you for your challenge, your dynamism, your preparation, your sea expérience are definite assets to accomplish this feat with success. Therefore I wish you a Transat full of excitement and success! Soon Benoit