The tattoo is not a hobby for us ... It is a lifestyle.

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Hello there!

The history of the project:

How was our project born? It is quite simple a group of tattoo artist friends who one day realize that it would be good to rethink the concept of tattoo parlor and to give it a slightly more convivial aspect than what we can know today. hui. So it was after a tattoo made by one of us at home and during a coffee break after 2 hours spent with our client, drinking coffee all together discussing things and others, this is what went through our heads "And why not make a tattoo studio a house for tattooing". Lo and behold, the adventure begins and the birth of "INKAZA" at the same time.
If we decompose this name a little you will have found "INK" for the report on tattooing without any doubt referring to the ink used for their realization and "CASA" for the house, which for us very largely represents our concept!

The studio will be in the middle of PARIS and we intend to offer you a place full of energy, freedom of expression and simplicity. Like the tattoo itself, which moves each person forward on a path reflecting their personality, customs and values.

The studio and the concept:

Our proposal is full of new ideas and new experiences as you will have understood.

The idea is to provide our customers with a real experience as pleasant as possible in the company of professionals. We want everyone who wants to get a tattoo (first tattoo or not) to come back without any fear. We want our customers to feel at home, that they can share their ideas with their tattoo artist and build their project together. It’s really important to us and we’re going to be committed to being as creative as possible and coming up with something innovative. This is why a space will be dedicated to creation so that each project is personal and unique; a true artistic collaboration between the tattoo artist and the client.

We like to work in a relaxed atmosphere while being professional. It’s always time for coffee, a drink of fresh juice, or a bite to eat candy or chocolate. So we will set up a coffee area available to customers and tattoo artists.

The shop will also be a space dedicated to shopping by partnering with small designers.

A place where many possibilities will be offered to our customers, it is not only a place to get tattoos!

Our vision :

Our group is a mixture of skills and we all love our job, it is a passion that we want to share with you through this project which is close to our hearts.

We work in a professional way that is why we develop with each client a relationship of trust to better understand the desires and the project of each one and thus to make every effort to satisfy it.

We can say that we are a family, eager to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience and to keep only the positive for a possible next tattoo and repeat the experience.

The tattoo is not a hobby for us ... It is a lifestyle.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Your participation will be used to finance:

- Furniture for the living room (sofa, ottoman, ...): 600 euros

- Other furniture (Showcase, Offices…): 900 euros

- Tattoo supplies (lamps, tattoo seats, etc.): 1,300 euros

- IT and Hi-Fi (Computer, speakers ...): 500 euros

- Care & hygiene equipment: 600 euros

TOTAL: 3,900 euros

If this collection is successful we will be able to give birth to this project thanks to you! Do not hesitate to share, forward this kitty we will already be very grateful.

Thank you all for your future contribution!

The INKAZA team

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