INSTANT PRÉSENT: une boutique qui évolue

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INSTANT PRÉSENT: une boutique qui évolue

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We are 4: Antonella, Jocelyne, Sabine and Brigitte, creators brimming with energy and ideas ....



We started by artisanal markets and we were part of different designer shops. After those years, we decided it was time to have our own place.

It is a shop, but it is also a place where we can meet and we will welcome others artists and designers.

Our shop is located at 19 Boulevard Jean Jaurès. It is the first permanent shop of creators in Salon-De-Provence.



Why Salon-De-Provence?

Because we have known this city for years, some of us are living here, we participate to multiple events in collaboration with the city council, it’s a rich city full of ideas and projects, Salon-De-Provence is also a touristic and dynamic city, and it was definitely missing a shop like ours.

“Instant Présent” welcomes about 15 different artists and designers from different craft fields.

“Instant Présent” is also a place to share and highlights arts and crafts, to raise awareness of hand crafting quality.

Within the shop, a workshop will be open to everyone and dedicated to discover and share different crafts.

we still have to make it a convivial and friendly workshop.


Who are we?

Antonella Ballesta, potter craftsman

Jocelyne Chevallier, art frame, lamps maker

Brigitte Desinge, create scrapbooking boxes

Sabien Vaz Fernandes, create fabrics decoration objects or in linen


They joined our journey:

Badice Benardia, Designer

Caroline Bataille, Make objects having a second life

Julie Del-Din, jewelry

Sandrie Llopis, Fashion designer



David Desquiens, cosmetic

Nathalie, jewelry

Virginie Flouret, bags

Claude Paul, jewelry




However, the shop still requires some improvements, like lighting.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Why the fundraising?

We put all of our energy and personal savings to achieve the electrical standardization, paint and decoration to open the 1st of May 2018.

But, we still need your help to repair the lightnings, the front door, and to develop the workshop.



Thanks to you and your generosity, and through KissKissBankBank, our project could look like we imagined.


The fundraising will be used for:

- Lightings Improvement: 2,000€ (purchase of new LED spots and setup by a professional electrician)

- Creation and installation of the shop sign: 800€


If we reach 3,000€, we are thinking about others improvements:

- Standardization and securisation of the roller blind : 1,000€

- Standardization of the electric front sliding door: 900€


And then:

- Development of the workshop and purchase of the supplies : 500€

- Advertising : 400€

- Commission Kiss Kiss : 400€


“Instant Present” association will perceive the whole amount of the fund raising.


We wanted to thank everyone who supported us for the past few months and thanks to you who took this time to read who we were and what was our project.


Do not hesitate to join us and follow us on Facebook (



Antonella, Brigitte,Jocelyne,Sabine.


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