Help us finance our first exhibition on Iran, fruit of 4 years of hard work among an amazing people !

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                 Target March 2017 : pending Vernissage !


Born from an Iranian father and a French mother my heart always moved between both countries. 

Photography is my way of building a bridge between them. I consider my camera as a mean of showing that all humans are essentially the same if you know how to look at them.


I put all my heart in my work, trying to show the authenticity of Iran threw my pictures, making you travel the closest to her people, culture and traditions.


Iran is more and more opening it self to the world and France is more and more fascinated by it.


That's why I am asking you to help me finance my first exposition IRAN INSIGHT.

It will take place in Paris, between the 3rd and the 21st of March at the Gallery l'Inattendue50 rue des Tournelles, 3rd arrondissement. 





To look Iran in the eyes. Diving in its heart and feeling it completely without boundaries, without fear.


To discover Iran through all kinds of people and faces.


To pay homage to the Iranians who work towards a better world, whom opened me their doors and told me their stories.


A deep and accurate vision which incites to act towards change. 



 © Rox Khorasani 


Four years of life, of encounters, of sharing most closely to the Iranian people: captured, shared and magic moments... all of it photographed and immortalized, make the story of IRAN INSIGHT. 







I want to oppose the stereotypes of the media with raw and simple photographies, so that the french public can discover Iran the way it is: an amazing country with many shades and treasures. 




By my photographic work I will have the honor to present you two Iranian local projects which are based on humanitarian and ecological values. 


Capture_d__cran_2017-02-08___21.39.30-1486586393Concept founded by the ecologist Hossein Vahabzadeh, those schools try to recreate the essential bound between nature and children in the heart of the city. The main goal is to teach the children respect and care for nature. So they can become responsible citizens in harmony with the world surrounding them and aware of the importance to preserve the planet.



 © Rox Khorasani 


Capture_d__cran_2017-02-08___23.42.10-1486593765A plateform for fair trade Saffron created and directed by Mohammad Qaempanah. 

It brings together the farmers of north Iran (which is the first exporter of safran in the world) and the eco-consumers around the world. It allows the farmers to get more payed for their work and the consumers to be sure of the quality they purchase. This new way of trading is an innovation for the commerce of safran. 

Keshmoon will invest a portion of additional profit in an Environmental Fund to focus on water conservation initiatives in the northeast of Iran and assisting farmers.


                 © Rox Khorasani 


Those two projects share their way of acting and their need to make a change locally in a context of global climate changes and economic crisis. 




                                            WHO ARE WE ?



I took my first shots in Iran at seventeen, inspired by my father’s city of birth, Mashhad. A very strong feeling appears inside of me : to witness as honestly as I can of what I see. This is the way my modest Canon 550D followed me throughout my trips in the Middle East, via India, Tunisia or Amazonia. 

My studies in Philosophy and Political Sciences in the Sorbonne (Paris) contributed to my growing passion for field research and photo-journalism.  

The photography is a vector which allows me to show the beauty and the irony of a humanity which binds us.



Musician since my teenage years, I discovered many artistic fields in a burst of curiosity to find a way through combining these passions into one main activity: the management of artistic projects. I’ve been lucky enough to travel in France and abroad, from Toulouse to Montreal, via Granada and Seville. This passion followed me from my studies in Languages (both English and Japanese) to Management of artistic projects.

By supporting innovative projects such as IRAN INSIGHT, or even by performing with them such as CHAPO A L'ARTISTE, I devote myself to give to the notion of human a center place during performances, between Art and Technology.

Waar dient de collecte voor


The fund collected, will be first used to finance the printing of the photos in a professional laboratory, secondly to finance the publicity around the event, to a public so diversified as possible.


What we already have financed 


-Trips between Iran and France

-Housing and travelers fees in Paris

-Photographic equipment


What you will allow us to finance






-Photo printing: Fine Art paper / Mounting / Attachment systems (3000€).

-Vernissage fees: Digital piano rent / Guest book / Iranian buffet (300€).

-Communication of the event: Poster / Flyers / exhibition catalogue (200€)

-Postal charges and travel expenses: trips between Paris and Toulon (200€). 




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