J'irai manger chez vous !

Contribute to the creation of a cookbook and discover my coups de food through this unique journey based on shared sense !

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J'irai manger chez vous !

What is Eatsurfing ?


The idea, succeed to be invite from local people through chance encounters or via different social networks, in order to know and learn the secrets of their local cuisine, their typical dishes and their culinary habits.


My goal will be, after this trip, list all of these unknown recipes and publish them in an illustrated cookbook.


This story started by a beautiful dream..


While I was sleeping soundly in my little village close to Grenoble, in the heart of the french Alps, I woke up during a cold morning of december with a burning desire to achieve this crazy thing, fortunately with internet everything become magic and this project can be reached !





Why crowdfunding ?


Because this is the best concept to share his emotions, passions and creativity to people who seek the same sensations and common pleasures.

Moreover, it becomes currently difficult, despite our so beautiful country of France, to have a professional financial support or any sponsors, even with beautiful ideas !

Fortunately crowdfunding is a good financing tool and KissKissBankBank can allow each of us to reach his dreams, to give them life and cause in each person the desire to do the same thing and say "why not me ! "




I love it !

I love it so much, and I decided to make it a reality. After many researches I figured out that this had never been done, so why not go and try !

The people around me believed in me and in this particular project, diversifying and mainly human !


When I'm looking around me and when I compare my past experiences in different countries, I wondered what could they have on their plates? All those men and women who support their families, but with what food ? How to cook it ? What are their stories ? What do they share ? Who are they ?


I had the temptation to meet them and make you discover the different ways to eat through the knowledge of these unique people in their element with their eating habits and lores..

Seeking above all the human side, atypical encounters, getting together and the proximity with people. We must not forget that it is by eating that we really learn how to know a country, his culture and his values.


The goal, to travel more than 20 000 km across 8 countries, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and finally Colombia.




You will discover the videos on my Youtube channel "J'irai manger chez vous":



And also via my blog: https://jiraimangerchezvousleblog.wordpress.com




This fantastic journey already begun, I'm currently for few days in New York City,




my landing in Buenos Aires is set for late February. Then comes the time to cross almost all of South America extensively to rally Bogota early in July without flying (except Easter Island), and finally arriving in Vancouver, Canada, for the end of this trip.




This will be possible only thanks to you and your desire to believe in this magnificent project via the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank, feel free to check this out !

You want originality and flavors on your plate then go ahead, awaken your curiosity through this culinary trip !


The KissBankers I count on you, it is all about food !




On your marks, get ready, eat !

Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds will be used for this : 


Flights :


Lyon - Buenos aires 500€ (one way)

Santiago - Ile de Pâques 200€ (round trip)

Bogota - Vancouver 400€ (one way)

Vancouver - Lyon 500€ (flight back)




Food 8€ / day x 150 days = 1 200€


Average bus travel 3 trips per week purchasing two South Pass unit price 500€ for 7 rides. Or 2 pass x 500€ = 1 000€




Material (hybrid camera, shoes, sleeping bag, backpack, flashlight, warm clothing, pens, maps, guides, notebooks, vaccines, medicine..) = 600€


Edition of 250 books A5 format and around 50 pages, with 5 recipes by country, illustrated on 2 pages as follows :  

- On the first page, a beautiful picture of the country or the city town linked to the local recipe

- On the second page, the detailed recipe in two languages, and the picture of the person and of the dish to taste


Cost 3 500€


Accommodation: couchsurfing, Air BnB, hostel or at best homestay, (120 € / month), 600€


Total 8 500€

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An appointment with the project creator to prepare and enjoy together a recipe from the Cookbook + Your name on the thanks page of the Cookbook + The Cookbook autographed
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