Jelbec : Une Histoire de haute lunetterie

Jelbec: glasses made in France. The alliance of high eyewear and French jewelry. Join the adventure today!

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Jelbec : Une Histoire de haute lunetterie

Jelbec is born of a love of jewelery and creation, combined with professionalism and a passion for eyewear: a modern, refined, dynamic and classy brand. Today it is thanks to your support that we will launch the production of our first range of frames!






Our baseline: "Chic glasses, quality, affordable and made in France"   A French creation and production is important to us, not simply by fashion, but because they guarantee the knowledge and control of the different stages in order to obtain a quality manufacturing, while respecting the social and environmental.


The design is made in Bordeaux, the faces are shaped in the Jura, the branches are made in Charente-Maritime, packaging and shipping are done in Charente-Maritime.


Thanks to Made in France and our associated skills, we promote vertical integration and shorten the path from prototype design to delivery of the finished product. The result ? Luxury glasses at affordable prices without compromising on quality and manufacture.






Thanks to you and to this first collection KissKissBankBank we will be able to launch the first Jelbec Olympe collection dedicated to women. Each frame will bear the name of a Greek goddess: Hera, Aphrodite, Iris, Demeter, Athena ...


We have designed modern and modern shapes taking into account the different types of faces. This first Olympe collection caters to all chic, impertinent, dynamic women, a strand shifted :)


Choose the Jelbec glasses counterparts to become our first ambassadors and be the it-girl of your community!


And in the future? After this first stage we will enrich the collection with a new range of frames. Perhaps for you gentlemen? :)







 - 30 April 2017 : Shooting photos prototypes

 - 30 June 2017 [End of collect] : Creation of the company "Jelbec Lunettes"

 - 17 July 2017 : Launch of the manufacture of the first collection of female frames Jelbec "Olympe"

 - From 5 September 2017 : Delivery of frame counterparties for participating contributors and deliveries of the first partner stores.


What if the collect target is exceeded? We will proceed to the design, manufacturing prototype of the second collection :)






Frames : Shaped in the Jura, epicenter of the French lunetière tradition. All faces are made of high-quality cellulose acetate (perfect color, hypoallergenic, comfortable, resistant, natural materials).


Temples : Made in Aquitaine, France, they are in Silver 925 mils or Gold 750 mils. In order to avoid oxidation and possible allergies, each branch will be rhodium-plated and palladium-based (from the jewelery, these processes also protect and make your branches more resistant).


Glasses : All our Jelbec glasses offered in the counterparts are equipped with Essilor (made in France) unifocal glasses adapted to your view.






Jelbec is above all a story of family and friendship! It is the meeting of Baptiste, Vanessa, Bastien and Claire; The meeting of professionals endowed with their different skills, their motivations and all animated by the same desire: to give a new dimension to the eyewear.


Jelbec is already a community of friends and volunteers who allowed us to make the prototypes and make an exceptional photo shoot. Thank you all!




Baptiste : design | Claire : jewelry  | Vanessa : development  | Bastien : management




Come and try the prototypes of our future Olympe collection in Bordeaux in the Optic 2000 Bastide store from May 15th 2017. Baptiste will introduce you to the Jelbec prototypes in its brand new store.




By choosing the Jelbec glasses counterparts, be the first to receive the models from our Olympus collection. Essilor lenses are available. Free shipping for France. Our opticians will contact you for the making of your glasses according to your correction. Options are possible (thinning, anti-reflection ...).


Follow us on social networks and talk about it: #jelbeclunettes #wearejelbec!



Waar dient de collecte voor

The collect will be used to finance the production of our first Olympe women's collection, based on 7 frontal models in 3 colors and 10 models of branches.


Beginning the adventure in a collaborative way was obvious in the course of each of us. Thanks to the KissKissBankBank platform and your confidence, we want to transform the excellent reception received by our first prototypes.


The Jewelry counterparts are made in Claire's workshop in Charente-Maritimenear Bordeaux, France!


The glasses counterparts are equipped with Essilor unifocal lenses made in France too! Before you deliver them, we will contact you to know your correction and to adapt the glasses to your morphology. If you prefer sun glasses, it is possible!


Thanks to the support of your order, we will be able to promote and defend our conception of French-style eyewear and develop high quality and chic glasses.




This collection of € 8,000 allows the launch of the production of our first feminine collection of frames. This amount makes it possible to select the best materials and a finish worthy of a luxury product, while retaining a price studied. With this first collection ceiling we will be able to manufacture the frames for delivery of counterparties to donors like you and deliver the first partner stores.


Allocation of funds collected by collect

20% Frames, 65% Temples, 5% Packaging, 10% Jewelry counterpart and miscellaneous expenses


And if the amount of collection is exceeded?

From 9 500 €: design and design of the next collection's prototypes From 16 000 €: production of the next collection




The funds collected will be donated to Bastien Paul, who is responsible for the finances and the assembly of the company in the Jelbec team. Immediately after completion of the collection, the company will be created and the manufacture of the first frame will be launched.

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