Jeremy Guilmot's debut Music video !

Makin' a music video is classy! But it requires a penny! Let's put images on my first single, do you wanna help me?

Project visual Jeremy Guilmot's debut Music video !
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Jeremy Guilmot's debut Music video !

WHO AM I ? Hello you! If it's the first time you hear about me, my name is Jeremy and I am a singer/songwriter and musician from Brussels. A couple of years ago I was part of an Indie pop band called "Balloonz" originally founded with belgian producer and musican Nico d'Avell . This project lasted for almost ten years and really helped me grow as an artist and as a sensitive individual! It also taught me a lot about songwriting, arrangement and stage performance! In 2016 Balloonz released a music video for their song "Bedtime Story" wich I put a link of higher on this front page! Unfortunately our adventure with the band ended due to a lack of public exposure in 2018 I was also on "The Voice Belgium" during its fifth season! Soon, i'll be releasing my first single in preparation of an upcoming EP! Considering you're a sucker for images, colors and stories I would like to make a music video to go with my first song and this is why I need your help... :) As I'm sure you're aware, a music clip isn't cheap but I know we can achieve it together! So if you already follow me artisticaly and if my work resonates with you, your support is more than welcome. Every donation counts! THE SONG? For this first song ( wich I don't reveal the name of yet!) I chose to colaborate with the talented producer Nico D'avell again. Over the years Balloonz got influenced by a lot of different music genres and ended up becoming more "organic". This time we're diving right back into that "organic" feel and we wish to really focus on rythm and harmonic audacity. We seek to bring out a very specific emotion through the use of real wooden instruments or various kinds of percussions. This will bring an overall warm tone to the track! I'm inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson in certain less famous but more complex songs he made ( Liberian girl, this place hotel, ...), Years&Years, Aurora, Cocoon, Marina, Haim, Gotye,... WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC VIDEO? Although the final script isn't finished yet, I already have some ideas popping into my head regarding the story I wish to tell! I would like to work with artists who have different backgrounds and especially bodypainters! The goal will be to convey emotion ,wich is usually determined with words, through color and shape! (paint will become emotion or a symbol) The overall style of the video will be minimalistic but very symbolic! To be continued... LIVE ON TWITCH ! During the pandemic's first year I decided to go live streaming on Twitch in order to keep practicing my live skills. I regularly perform covers in my own way and I also do a lot of improv ass well as songwriting. This platform provides me with additional exposure and helps creating a larger community or audience wich I hope to meet in real life when i'll have the opportunity to go back on stage! I stream live on twitch at least twice a week from 8:30 pm till 11 pm. (you will find a link in the social media section of this page)

Allocation of funds

The fundraising will help me fund the making of a music video and thus to pay the entire film crew whom I'll collaborate with ( director, cameraman/woman, assistants, make-up, film editor,...) The donations will allow to make a little quality film from it's shooting till it's editing by way of it's calibration! Wouldn't it make you proud to take part in this adventure? ;)


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I will thank you by adding your name in the video's end credits! (possibility to refuse)

Music video's preview!


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I will thank you by adding your name in the video's end credits + I'll you a link to watch the music video before everybody else!

Get the EP's preview!


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All previous counterparts + I'll send you and email with the digital version of the upcoming EP before it's official release!

Estimated delivery: January 2023

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All previous counterparts + I'll sign the EP CD in my own way and i'll send it to you! ps: The EP will take a couple of months to make so this counterpart will be delivered as soon as the 4 song album (EP) is finished. Therefore, the estimated delivery date isn't accurate nor definitive.

Estimated delivery: January 2023

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All previous counterparts + I will write and record you a little personalized song on the piano wich I will send to you in a mail!

Estimated delivery: January 2023

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    Well, get ready cause here I come to make your house walls resound! I will perform a small private concert at your place ! Of course all previous counterparts are included also. (possibility to refuse)

    Estimated delivery: January 2023

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      All previous counterparts + I'll invite you to spend a day with me on the music video's set! You'll get to go behind the scenes with me! (possibilty to refuse or to only spend a couple of hours and leave when you feel like it)

      Estimated delivery: January 2023

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