With a generous, even if little, help of yours ;-) a cd including 12 to 15 songs in a beautiful red packaging


Het project van A tot Z


Just a few hours left...


That situation brings up unexpected feelings and emotions

I had no preconceived idea about your reactions, but it's quite amazing to notice  that those who help are not always those whom I'd expected to do so.

Nonetheless, we'll reach the goal and thanks to you all, I'll be able to finish my job more... relaxed

So again, thanks, and to those who'll come today, I don't doubt anymore, to add their useful contribution. 

A good day to you.




This project you can hear for the most part on www.jeromebsedeyn.com with a lot more music.

But I hope to succeed in convincing you to help me add the final touch... by buying it in advance, for real. And more if you will;-)

I already received 2000€ from le Fonds de solidarité Audiens.

In fact, the album is almost done.

I recorded everything  in my own small studio in Paris. Now I'm mixing and mastering with the help of Simon Derasse.

It will be a nice object, I think.

The cover will be red, plain cardboard.

No information else than my name (and I'm not even sure) the titles and the credits will be visible -and read able!- on the included booklet that may be multicolored  (?) 

It will contain 12 songs, maybe one or two more cause I have a lot in store. Some surprises may come.

It will be called Red, because once I made an album that was call "Le disque noir" Why not? 

Hier dient het geld voor...

1000€ more for the mixing and mastering,

250€ for the cover artist

1300€ for the manufacturing of 1000cds

That is why I come to you.

Whatever money you invest in this project, it will be well spendt. Promise;-)

You'll get fair compensations.

See "rewards".

Jérôme B.Sedeyn

It's a long story... I've been around the world, always lived on music. First, I play piano, and then, some guitar, bass, I kick and beat and shake things, I improvise, I spend nights cutting drums parts to replace the drummer who 's not here. And well, yes, I write, music, songs that I also sing. And I've got more in my drawers that deserve (I... Meer bekijken

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Wir machen mit und freuen uns auf die CD! Gruß, Re-Gus
Wir machen mit und freuen uns auf die CD! Gruß, Re-Gus
Haut les coeurs !