JULIE ERIKSSEN (The Voice) Premier Album: Je suis prête, et vous?

Finance my first album! Let's produce this project together, as a team!

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JULIE ERIKSSEN (The Voice) Premier Album: Je suis prête, et vous?









3 years ago, I decided to change my life.

I quit my confortable and secured job to free myself, and finally be who I really am.


For the very first time, I DARED to create my musical project. That is one of the reasons why this album is so important for me.


Ever since, I've been working a lot. And now the album is ready to be recorded! It will be sincere, authentic and faithful to who I am musically.







It's so nice to discover new kinds of music, I've loved to participate to projects of soul, african, hip hop music etc..


But 4 styles really built me musically.


1. Very young, I started to feel a very strong attraction to the piano, and I've been only listening to romantic classical music for a long time. A few notes on a Steinway makes me fly away!


2. When I was a teenager, I discovered that this sensation can be shared. That's when I fell for folk music, its refrains, its poetry, its conviviality. What a pleasure to sing together beautiful melodies, beautiful stories.


3. Rebel and guitar lover, my friends quickly converted me to rock. Its power, its dark sides, its tensions make me feel alive.


4. But all these sensations also exist in jazz! And its elegance and sophistication never stopped to seduce me.


You will feel this four influences in the album.








12 songs are ready.

All of them speak about my experiences, my philosophy. They're very intimate. 


It's crucial for me to make music serves the lyrics. The intentions of the musicians have to be at the service of the emotions of the stories. 


I want to create a bright universe, sometimes electric, tensed and intense and mostly subtil and aerial.








Among the best jazz musicians from my generation, I've been looking for the one whose music personality will fit to my universe. I finally found them!


Those great artists are:


Tony Paeleman (piano, rhodes, orgue, wurlitzer)

Pierre Perchaud (guitare folk, guitare jazz)

Viktor Nyberg (contrebasse)

Donald Kontomanou (batterie)


They are very musical and I'm very happy to have them by my side.








The recording will take place at Studio de Meudon close to Paris. First because of its extraordinairy piano Steinway, and also because of its good energies and its great team.


But it will be mixed and masterised by the sound engineer Lars Nilsson at the prestigious Nilento Studio in Sweden. 


I'll share theses moments with you on the social network so than you can follow the project from A to Z.








The album will be released during the first semester of 2017 and it will be followed by a tour in France and Europe.

I can't wait to come to meet you and share my music with you!



Waar dient de collecte voor

"With a little help from my friends" , everything is possible!! 




The goal is fixed at 5 800€ because this is the minimum I need to record the album. But to finish it, to manufacture it, and so than you and I are proud of it, I need 14 000€



If the amount reached exceeds 5 800€, the project will happen in the following 3 steps:


1. RECORDING - 5 800,00 € 

(studio, musicians, sound engineer, piano tuning etc. )


2. POST-PRODUCTION - 3 700,00 € 

(Edit, mix, mastering) The quality of the sound is very important to define an artist universe. After recorded, the songs will have to be mixed tracks by tracks and masterised. It represents a lot of hours of work, specially in jazz where all the instruments are acoustic and recorded without clic.


3. MANUFACTURING - 4 500,00 €

(fees for mecanic production, photographer, graphic designer, manufacturing).






I come to you today because I don't write music for another reason than to share it with you.


The Kisskissbankbank platform is a chance for us to collaborate as a team. This project depends of you.


Thanks to you, I'll be able to make my dream come true. I'll be able to produce this album that means so much to me, freely.


Thank you all!







IMPORTANT: The kisskissbankbank platform is totally secured. If you still don't feel like using it to participate to the project, you can make a transfer, don't hesitate to send me an email or a message on Facebook, I'll give you the IBAN. Thanks again!!

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