Jupiter Way's New Single & Clip

Help Jupiter Way to produce their new single and video!!

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Jupiter Way's New Single & Clip

***Jupiter Way is back in studio to record their new single!***



We are Jupiter Way, a UK based blues rock band formed in the late 2015 by two musicians coming from France/Switzerland. After dropping out of our jobs, we moved to London in order to make it into music.

Completed with 3 new members, the band had a promising start with the release of its debut EP (here) and many concerts in some of the most active clubs in the city.






In order to get more exposure and get discovered by record companies, the band decided to go back to the studio and record a new single, accompanied by a new video that you will for sure remember!!


And this is where you enter the game:


To create the buzz and make this project as awesome as we expect it to be, we will need all your help!


This is the reason why we decided to go through this platform and try to collect all the necessary funds which will allow Jupiter Way to succeed in this project and reach a new milestone!


We tried to think about many ways to thank you. You can have a look at the right side of your screen if you want to know how! Let's hope you guys will like it.


If that sounds good to you, we kindly invite you to have a closer look at the whole thing and continue reading. 


For more details about our story, don't hesitate to have a look at our official website and our Facebook page. Spread the word!


Please note:


If by any chance the funds collected are bigger than what we asked, we will use this money to finance better equipment for the shooting of the video, and put more effort into the promotion.


A big THANK YOU in advance!



PS: A little clue regarding the video: "Down in Mexico" ;)


Waar dient de collecte voor

Your support will help us to finance the overall recording/production of the new single, the video and the promotion that goes with it.


Recording the single: 500£


- Studio

- Sound engineer

- Mixing, mastering


Video: 1000£


Without saying too much about it (we don't want to spoil you!), here is what we will need:


- Renting the location

- Renting the equipment

- Shooting (actors, etc.)

- Editing


Promotion: 200£


In order to reach a maximum of persons (blogs, webzines, record companies, etc.), we will have to go through many distribution channels. As you can imagine, advertising is costly!





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