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Help us promote underground cultures from the entire world and bring cultures together through a musical event and documentary!

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Undeground Music Events - GARANT


Different Underground in Belgrade. Brought to you by the Vazda Garant Gang.


Hello, guys! We hope you enjoyed the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Now let us introduce ourselves a bit more. We are a group of young women trying to bring underground culture from all over the world to Belgrade. 




This dope lady right here is Anja. She's seen Goodfellas at least 5 times and can't decide which one she loves more - music or film. She'll be a screenwriter someday. Her role in the project is to get in touch with all the artists.




Then we have Sanja, future interior designer. Her biggest wish is to live in England and spend her life drawing and making art. Her role is designing everything necessary to make the Garant visuals look so good.




Here's Vanja, an anthropologist, world traveler and a gymnast. She's the one that produced the short video you just saw. And of course, she'll be responsible for the documentary you're gonna see. 




We get to Zvezdana, who, aside from having a name that literally translates to Star(ry), is a dream hunter, Don Quixote's granddaughter and apparently a pretty amazing movie director. She directed our promo video and wrote the script for it.  




Last but not least, Marija, the money man. She's addicted to experiences, thinks in Spanish and wants to spend her life making dramatic entrances, dancing and creating enterprises. She's responsible for this campaign and everything related to the moneyz.



Our project is about creating an amazing Underground Music Event and a Documentary about the Belgrade Underground scene, the way we want to change it and all that Garant represents.


We want to promote the artists we appreciate and give chances to new artists trying to expose themselves to a different market. All these talented artists would benefit from this as much as we would.


The genres (we want to bring) are: grime, footwork (juke), halftime, bass, French rap and UK rap, and labels like High Focus, Potent Funk, Astrophonica, etc. We're also into French Antilles hip hop, Latin Trap, Brazilian underground rap scene, Icelandic hip hop, Swedish hip hopand much much more. We're quite a versatile bunch as you can see. 


We want to show international artists that coming to Belgrade is worth it. They have many fans who cannot express themselves as much as they would like.




Our plan is to organize our first event on December the 2nd.


The funds will be used for:

- Space rental (300) (The club in which our first party will take place; it's in the heart of Belgrade)

- Booking of the artists (700) (a DJ and an MC)

- Artists' airplane tickets and accommodation (600) (Return airfare for two, and one night of accommodations; it is necessary that the artists see the hospitality we are able to provide. This way, they can recommend us further and help our cause even more)

Garant street art (100) (We have a few interested street artists who would help us advertise through urban nooks and crannies)

- The documentary itself (200) (funds would go into web promotion and distribution; the documentary would represent our journey from the first steps of booking, over design and promotion, to welcoming our guests and interviewing them. There would be added footage of the party itself; the interviews of the guests will also be a reflection on how well our job was done, as well as presenting to us their music and influences. We will equally give you insight into the Belgrade underground music scene)


In case we do get more money from you guys, we're gonna set that money aside for our next amazing event and another motion picture. We plan to bring either  the amazing Entek, Sam Binga or Ocean Wisdom to Belgrade!


The process of making the documentary will officially start on 25th of November and will continue until after our first event. It will take approximately one month to make everything look perfect. The money collected will go to Marija Jovic and will be used for the documentary, event organization and everything we specified above. 


Waar dient de collecte voor

This is an amazing opportunity for you to be a part of our journey, our movement and a change we're trying to catalyze. Doesn't matter if you're an artist looking for promotion or just someone who breathes music on a daily basis as much as we do. 


We don't take help or funding for granted, and in this case, our idea is to also increase awareness of various music genres locally. In case we get more funds than listed here, we would save some of that money for future events, but we'd organize workshops and write blogs which would raise genre and community awareness, too. We have urban art in mind, and a big portion of our funds would go on supporting European and local artists alike in achieving each others' goals (for example: graphic designers, graffiti artists, DJs, and organizers who are willing to expand from their local areas, too).





There is a big gap on the Belgrade music market between Drum and Bass (especially drum and bass neurofunk and liquid), techno and Hip-hop / RnB. We see that underground culture is not represented fairly in Serbia, because there are very few events for people that want something different.


In addition, we want to support the presence of women in the underground milieu in events and stage performance. It is difficult to penetrate this market as a woman, and that is why the success of this campaign would help us enormously.  


The purpose of this organization is to get help and give back. We intend to realize our dreams - then help others realize them in turn!


Help any way you can, come to the party and daaaaance. ;)




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