Kiwa - Korean Coffee Shop

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Kiwa - Korean Coffee Shop

Information BTS contest 

For all participant from 5 euros, you will be able to choose to participate in a game to win Gold Square tickets for the BTS Paris Concert on the 8th of June. (Guide line Here)


Kiwa will be a place dedicate to the korean culture in the shape of a coffee Shop. We can also describe it like a concept store because we will promote the korean culture around 4 big themes !


How is born this projet ?

Kiwa Korean Coffee Shop come from the idea of bringing Korean Culture in Lyon after a lot of travel in South Korea. Then we decided, me and my korean wife to try to make it real !

Our goal behind this projet :

  • Give the opportunity to the korean culture fan to share their passion in this place everyday and also in a lot of events.
  • To show and to make discover the korean culture to the people that don’t know yet !
  • Give the opportunity for the korean artist in all subjet (design, art, theater, music, photo..)  to have a place to show their talent.
  • Give the opportunity for the Korean people to have a better integration with the possibility of meeting french people and also the possibility of working in Kiwa Korean Coffee Shop.




Our Big Product  : Korean Bingsu !

Bingsu is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. The possibility of création is limitless

The particularity of this dessert is in the texture of ice which is shave like snow

This make juste a delicious and smooth dessert !



A lot of event and  specifically one about the relation with Korea tea ad Health !

The Korean traditional teas are different than the classic leaf tea because they are made from fruits, roots et nuts and have huge benefit for our health and to avoid illness. In the event that we will organize, we will introduce you these benefits.



Discover our first korean artist with her expo at the opening of the Coffee Shop :

Designer Ondga :




Discover our choice in term of coffee with the local coffee bean maker :

Cafe Extrait




localisation and decoration

We will be in the center of lyon, in the area that we call "presqu'ile of lyon" between Cordelier and Perrache.

The decoration is an important element for us.  Our place will be unique in his products but also in the atmosphere will want to build. Our inspiration will be a mix between the traditional Korean design and architecture with a modern realization.

Example of our inspirations :





Waar dient de collecte voor

The project continue of doing well and we will plan to open in autumn 2019 in Lyon.

Today, in order  to be able to achieve more of our ideas, we ask the community to give us a bit of help with this crowdfunding.

The crowdfunding will be use for 3 things :

  1. To be able to go deeper in our decoration ideas
  2. To make a cash reserve to invite korean artist and participate in event with different associations
  3. To secure a little bit more our project.


We relie on you ! help us to finalize this project and show to everyone that behind the korean culture we are a lot, passionate and we want to share with everyone.

For thoses who don’t know yet korean culture, lets us have the opportunity to bring you in a different world with a lot to discover

In reward, you will find different things

  1. Objects
  2. Experiences


Bonus :

For all participant from 5 euros, you will be able to choose to participate in a game to win Gold Square tickets for the BTS Paris Concert on the 8th of June. (Guide line Here)


Here you can find a board of the reward : below ou here




In Advance, Thanks a lot ! 고마워요 !

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