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Koroamo - Messages de coeur à coeur


Beside us, many people suffer, at some point in their lives, because they are confronted with illness, depression or affected by what is called "accidents of life" .
On the other hand, many people feel a need to contribute to a more fraternal and humane world. There is a real need to feel useful by contributing in a practical and concrete way, by putting one's heart into it, by acting on one's individual scale and in one's everyday life.


But of course, we just need to put them in relation: this is the idea that has germinated in Gaelle's head ... Let her tell us the story of Koroamo.

"In the United States, there are so-called blessing circles, people pledge to pray for someone and to concretely support that person, besides including that person in their prayer, they send a little word supporting.
Last year, I had a friend whose father was sick and to support him, she asked everyone she knew to send him a note or a drawing. And with her family, she displayed all the words she received in the hospital room and he really felt good to see how much he was loved.
And when this idea started to sprout in my mind, I also remembered that I had been a member of Amnesty International for a number of years and that what made me join this movement was the testimony of a former detainee who said how surprised he was to receive letters from all over the world and that during the torture sessions he was focusing his attention on the images of the stamps he had received, to enable him to hold and not to lose hope. "

The Koroamo website is a bit like a car pooling platform that connects travelers looking for drivers and drivers looking for passengers. The website connects people who pledge to pray and / or send a postcard with a kind word to others who need support at a difficult time in their lives.
We are all experiencing difficult moments, passing sores or great trials
> when we're kids or teenagers, we can be unhappy because we have bad grades or friends are turning their backs on us
> we can live badly a heartbreak
> a more or less serious accident can affect us
> a disease affects us
> older or younger, it happens to us feeling lonely and outlying
> you can be a mother and feel burnt out
> one can also be affected by a depression, a separation, a mourning, a loss of job or housing, by violence ...

On Koroamo, the service is free, but it obviously needs money to operate. The platform can receive donations, it is also coupled with an online postcard shop.
Of course you can buy postcards in your favorite stationery, but you can also choose to buy them on the website, individually or by batch, or as a subscription. For example I decide that every Monday, I write a card to someone so I subscribe to receive 4 cards per month.

As the reflection was getting on, it soon became clear to Gaëlle that this project could only be collective: her friends Marie Aymee and Ihsane quickly joined the team, a bit like an obviousness. Here are the values ​​that carry us and that we want to wear high.

"I have accompanied hundreds of people with heart and professionalism. Tired of selecting people as part of my HR activity, I prefer today walking side by side with them and watch them go their way, flourish, grow. "

# enthusiasm
"Enthusiasm seizes me and takes me over as soon as the novelty arises. The new idea, the innovative solution, which allows one or all to move forward, an inch or a giant leap : I'm gonna do it, it's gonna be alright, let’s do it, it's too great ! To complete my recipe of enthusiasm, add a dose of nourishing and rejuvenating Beauty, and an essential pinch of Humor! "
Marie Aymee

# fraternity
"Very quickly, it occurred to me that this project would not be a solitary project and that it should be shared: in the service of the fraternity, it could only be created by people who experienced this fraternity on a daily basis, in the implementation of the idea. "

It is something ordinary which nevertheless gets us out of our ordinary, as much for the one who writes as for the one who receives it. When I write and pray for someone, I send my affection to someone I do not know, somewhere on the planet. When I receive it, it is a real sunbeam in my life.
The essence of this website is to put some extraordinary into everyday life, with an ordinary gesture that everyone can do.

Koroamo.org is a very concrete and practical way to feel part of humankind, to feel like we all are in the same boat.
Jesus said: when we save a man, we save humanity. When I take care of someone in my prayers and send him a word of support, I take care of the whole humanity. "

It's not about religion here, all spiritual sensibilities have their place. Writing a card with a message of support or recovery, is already a prayer. Prayer is above all an intention, whether in the form of a meditation, a vow or a text from one religion or another.

By praying collectively, we produce an effect increasing its power. This effect, known as the "Maharishi effect" (from the name of the yogi who introduced transcendental meditation in the West) has been demonstrated by several studies proving that when more than 1% of the population of a given geographical area practices targeted meditation on, for example, the reduction of crime, it is reduced by more than 20%.

The web makes it possible to multiply the exchanges, the contacts. It makes this way of contributing easy and accessible to all. Koroamo.org connects people who want to work in a concrete and practical way to a more fraternal world with people who need support at a difficult time in their lives.

Because all of us receive tons of mails : a mail of support among all the rest, it does not really make a difference.

In addition, patients or the elderly do not always have easy access to emails.

Today, we do not receive much in our mailbox, apart from invoices and supermarkets flyers. The envelope with a beautiful stamp and containing a sweet card is a nice surprise!​​​​​

Waar dient de collecte voor

The company carrying the Koroamo project will collect the entire funraising.

At the end of the fundraising campaign, we will launch the website conception, for it to be operational in September 2018, to then launch the subscriptions and the communication campaign.


For us, it is also a question of snowballing. The more we will have the means, the more we can be visible and reach people, whether to reach sick people, alone or in difficulty but also to address all those people who dream of contributing to a softer and more beautiful world .

We know you are one of those people who want to create a more fraternal world. In addition to your donation, you can also hugely help us by spreading this video in your networks, by sending it by email to 3 of your contacts, by publishing it on your various profiles in social medias.

Thank you, from the bottom of the heart, for your contribution.



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