Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Paris (France) by motorcycle (13.000 km)

Kuala Lumpur - Paris by motorcycle. Let´s make it happen!

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Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Paris (France) by motorcycle (13.000 km)




Hey guys. How are you going? I am Richard, 21 years young and i am currently studying in the beautiful Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I will continue my studies till january 2018 and then i am done, finally. I am so excited about this project. I am really looking forward to this for a really long time now.



Because after my studies, in end of February 2018, on the 25th,  i plan to drive from KL to Paris by motorcycle (more than 13.000 km). That is quiet a distance and i am aware of it. But i want to get active and do something unique and rememberable. My plan is to finish the trip after 3 month. So i will be back in the end of May. I am pretty flexible, so i do not want to be that specific about the time. I will see how it goes!  That's how I do it most of times and in the past it always went quite well. 

 I already bought a motorbike over here, a fantastic Yamaha XJR 1200. I bought this beauty from another backpacker who already travelled through whole Vietnam with her. So the bike is already used to travelling a lot.



I plan to visit these following countries on the way to France: Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, Germany and finally France.





I got everything prepared. I just need a bit of funding for the equipment (camera, food and beverages etc.), gas, and bureaucracy stuff like Visa. The funding goes directly to me personally, so i am able to invest as fast as possible and make this trip happen. I would of course tell you guys everything about it when i am back home and I will create a film about this awesome trip and upload it on YouTube, for sure. So guys, make it happen with me!



Thank you!

Your Richard

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project duration: start: 25th February 2018 \ end: ~ end of may 2018

camera and film equipment to keep the story alive:

YI4K action cam: 180€

camera equipment: 80€



extra cloth, medicine, food and beverages, camping stuff and other things to keep me alive:

special motorbike cloth: 160€

medicine: 90€

food and beverages: ~300€

camping equipment (tent excluded): 150€



petrol, tools, replacement stuff to keep my baby alive:

petrol: 500€

replacement stuff: ~ not fixed



visa, permissions etc. to keep bureaucracy alive:

visa: ~40€

permissions:~not fixed


personal investment: 2000 euros


If the amount of the collect is reached, here are the further investment I would like to make:

1. cost of repairs in terms of an accident

2. extension of the camera equipment

3. presents for my supporters, basically for you guys!!!




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