Kulturen im Dialog

Cultures in dialogue

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Kulturen im Dialog

Cultures in dialogue


Traveling exhibitions are planned for 2019, which will be shown simultaneously in Germany and Morocco. They strike a bow of intercultural dialogue. The exhibition, which travels through Germany, should be on display in at least four well-frequented locations, e.g. foyers of city halls. To this end, financial support is requested in order to finance transport and travel costs as well as publicity measures.



Works by Mounir Dehane - untitled and Thyra Holst - Soulmates Simulation

We plan:


4 art exhibitions in Germany

About 8 intercultural works by Hamid Boukheraz and Thyra Holst

About 15 joint and individual works by other North African and German artists

Approx. 12 portrait photos of the artists as communicators of their cultures


Common exhibition catalogue for both countries, will be distributed free of charge

Trilingual in German, Arabic, French

Two front pages

Browse from left to right for exhibition in Germany

Browse from right to left for exhibition in Morocco


Vernissage with speakers, music and press

optional: calligraphy workshop with one of the exhibiting artists

Latin, Arabic and/or Amazigh scripts come together

Results will be the fourth exhibition segment


Supporting programme

e.g.: Exhibition tours / talks, readings, concerts

under the direction of the exhibition site



Works by  Hamid Boukheraz and Mostafa El achheb – Freiheit der Frauen


Motivation and idea:

Thyra Holst is enthusiastic about the open-mindedness with which artists from Morocco and Algeria approach her respectfully on the social networks. These are contacts that lead to impressive personal encounters. These experiences contradict the unfortunately frequent stereotyped thinking of many Germans that "all" people of North African origin are Islamists who despise women and are criminals. Through this personal experience, her own gaze became more and more differentiated and it became her inner need to invite others to also open her point of view. In order to avoid distorted reporting and theory and to gather emotional experiences for her artistic work, Thyra Holst began a kind of self-experiment in which she personally explored Islamic culture using Morocco as an example. After a meticulous preparation phase regarding history as well as Dos and Don´ts followed the first 10-day round trip through Morocco, north and south of the Atlas Mountains. The preparation was especially marked by a kind of sponsorship by a close friend and contact person from Khemisset. Both still face intercultural exchange and sometimes trusting and honest discussions. Their declared goals are joint learning and mutual understanding. In March 2018 they created their first joint work, to which he contributed the content and she the artistic implementation. The plan to incorporate the impressions of cultural experience into her first solo exhibition developed into the plan for a group exhibition due to the strong sense of community that Moroccan hospitality generates.

In April and May 2018 Thyra Holst explores the big cities of the country on a second study trip and meets the painters of the exhibition personally.

Another reason for the project is the result of the last Bundestag election in Germany, which reflects the fact that in those federal states where there are few people with a migration background, the fear of foreigners is the greatest. Fear of Islam, fear of cuts in financial support, fear of........ yes what is it?


It is time to bring the cultures into contact.


Project Management Germany: Thyra Holst

Artist and dance teacher


Picture with Prof. Said Bouftass


Education of Thyra Holst:

•  2018: 2nd study trip to Morocco

• 2017 + 2015: “Positions”

Abtei Brauweiler / group exhibition, curator Holger Hagedorn

• 2017: “Art Messages”

Bildungswerkstatt Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath / Double exhibition with R. Politzer

• 2017: 1st study trip to Morocco

• 2017: 37th exhibition of Rösrath artists

3rd Audience Award of the Dr. Jürgen Rembold Foundation

2017: „Boundless paths of art“

Bildungswerkstatt Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath / International Art Exhibition

• 2016: „Attraction“

Handwerkskammer zu Köln / Group exhibition Gedok Köln e.V. juried

• 2015: „MODE®N“

Handwerkskammer zu Köln / Group exhibition Gedok Köln e.V. juried

• 2016: 36th exhibition of Rösrath artists

Bildungswerkstatt Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath / Group exhibition, judged

• 2016 + 2013: Study Trips to Scotland

• 2016: “All about felt or what?”

Burgenmuseum Nideggen, group exhibition, juriert / expert advisor

• 2015: 35th exhibition of Rösrather artists

Bildungswerkstatt Schloss Eulenbroich, Rösrath / Group exhibition, judged

• 2015: “Remembers”

11th KalkKunst Police Headquarters and Paul-Schnellenbachhaus, with Dorothea Heise

• 2015 - 2013: “...on the move”

- International felt exhibition, juried

- Historical spinning mill Gartetal, Klein Lengden

- Musée du Feutre in Mouzon/France

- Palatinate Museum, Forchheim

- Craft Museum of Finland in Jyväskylä/ Finland

- Liechtenstein National Museum

- ZuricherStalder in Lyssach/Switzerland

- Max Berk textile collection in Heidelberg

• 2014: “Single Moms”

Frauenmuseum Bonn / Group exhibitions, juried

• 2013: “Who was Mona Lisa?”

Frauenmuseum Bonn / Group exhibitions, juried

• 2013: Journées Européennes du feutre Felletin, France + Feltrosa Florence/Italy /

Group exhibitions, juried




Web links:

• http://thyraholst.de/

• https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thyra_Holst

• http://www.kulturserver.de/-/kulturschaffende/detail/77839

• http://koelnerkulturpaten.de/news/sprachschule-leben-lernen-uebersetzt-fuer-thyra-holst/

• https://vimeo.com/243739431

• https://gedok-koeln.de/holst-thyra/


• http://heribertkaesbach.de/wechselausstellung-thyra-holst/


• http://www.schloss-eulenbroich.de/news/3903/kunst-botschaften


• http://www.petergrau-leichtathlet.de/?p=9330


• http://www.petergrau-leichtathlet.de/?p=10650


• https://www.rundschau-online.de/region/rhein-berg/thyra-holst-ihr-filz-haengt-am-seidenen-faden-4775996


Press quotes:

"It would not be Thyra Holst if it were about pure scenarios; she is about magic to be unleashed when realism and symbolism meet."

Vernissage of the exhibition "Art Messages”

Opening speech Marise Schreiber



"Dance and its moving forms can be found again and again in the work of Thyra Holst."

international textile art-magazine

What does the felt have to do with the dance?

Antje Soléau

Issue 3 / September 2014


"Directly on arrival on the first floor, the visitor meets spectacular

Felt works by Thyra Holst."

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Dr. Thomas Rausch

November 2015


"The striking felt installation "Wraps" by Thyra Holst brings the contents of the Exhibition (at the Frauenmuseum Bonn) in brief: "The Single Mum carries her child. And who wears the single Mom?"

Generalanzeiger of Bonn

December 2014


Project Management Morocco: Hamid Boukheraz

Artists and graphic artists



The artist, who describes himself as a multifaceted person, was born in Kénitra near Rabat, Morocco, where he now lives and works again after his studies in Cologne. His southern roots are still reflected in his works today in sunny colours and emotional themes. He found abstract painting about eight years ago. He has shown his works in various exhibitions in Morocco, Germany and Spain. In addition to his artistic activities, he also works as a freelance graphic designer and graphic instructor.


Artistic career:

From childhood he paints and draws. At first with pencil and textile paints on silk and textile, then later with acrylic on canvas, with mixed technique (sand, paper...).



His photographic research on the theme: "Art and Interculturality" has manifested his motto about living together:

Living together = tolerance + respect + solidarity


Education of Hamid Boukheraz:

• 1993 - 1999: University of Cologne, Diploma: Bachelor of Arts (German Studies),

Romance Studies (French), Islamic Studies (Oriental Studies)

• 1991 - 1992: Studienkolleg at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Field of study: G-Course (Graphic)

• 1986 - 1990: IBN TOFAIL University, " Langue et Littérature Française".

(Romance studies)

Diploma of General University Studies "DEUG

• 1985 - 1986: Baccalauréat Lettres Modernes (humanities)


Exhibitions and activities:

• 2017: Exhibition on Art Day - the international Art Day in Rabat

• 2017: Participation at the Kalkkunst in Cologne, Germany

• 2017: Exhibition in "Night of the Galleries" (12th edition) in the gallery of the

Ministry of Culture of Kénitra - Morocco

• 2016: Exhibition at the Institut Français Gallery in Kénitra

• 2012: Exhibition in "Night of the Galleries" (6th edition) in the gallery of the

Ministry of Culture of Kénitra Morocco

• 2011: Exhibition in Gallery "El Ateneo" in Sevilla - Spain

• 2005: Mohammed V Theatre Gallery in Rabat, Morocco

• 2004: Exhibition at the Institute of the German Goethe Institute Rabat - Morocco

• 2001: Exhibition in the gallery of the Ministry of Culture of Kénitra - Morocco

• 1999: Leader of the workshops & courses in the studios " IDEE & CREATIVMARKT" and in the Bürgerhaus Stollwerk in Cologne Germany

• 1998: Exhibition in the Bürgerhaus Stollwerk Cologne, Germany

• 1998: cultural consultant at Asta, project manager of the art exhibition at the university


• 1997: Exhibition at the Gallery of the University of Cologne, Germany

• 1996: Exhibition in the Art Gallery of the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation Cologne,


• 1987 - 1989: Leader of a series of workshops in Rabat and Kénitra - Morocco

• 1990: Exhibition in the gallery of the University of Ibn Tofail Kénitra - Morocco

• 1989: Exhibition in the Egyptian cultural centre in Rabat - Morocco

• 1988: Exhibition (Kénitra Culture Festival) Gallery of the Ministry of Culture of

• 1987: Exhibition in the cultural week of the Moroccan city, Kénitra - Morocco

• 1984: Autodidact with workshops with the artist Michel Deblea in Kénitra Morocco



Web links:

• https://www.saatchiart.com/all?query=boukheraz

• https://www.artmajeur.com/fr/art-directory/artist/403930/hamidsart

• https://www.facebook.com/hamid.boukheraz

• https://lematin.ma/journal/2011/Exposition-_La-peinture-de-K%C3%A9nitra-s-affiche-a-Seville-/152881.html

• https://lematin.ma/journal/2017/une-soiree-artistique-pour-sensibiliser-a-la-dyslexie/274173.html

• http://www.ateneodesevilla.es/index.php/presentacion/actualidad-ateneo-sevilla/item/92-inaugurada-la-exposici%C3%B3n-pintores-de-K%C3%A9nitra-y-regi%C3%B3n-gharb-cherarde-bni-hsen


• http://www.ateneodesevilla.es/index.php/presentacion/actualidad-ateneo-sevilla/item/92-inaugurada-la-exposici%C3%B3n-pintores-de-K%C3%A9nitra-y-regi%C3%B3n-gharb-cherarde-bni-hsen


• https://lematin.ma/journal/2011/Exposition-_La-peinture-de-K%C3%A9nitra-s-affiche-a-Seville-/152881.html


• https://lematin.ma/journal/2017/une-soiree-artistique-pour-sensibiliser-a-la-dyslexie/274173.html


• https://www.artmajeur.com/fr/art-gallery/gallery/deha-2000/1734190



Fund Raising

Ralph Nitzsche

+49 174 6564422


Waar dient de collecte voor

 4x Printing costs flyers + posters:

425,00 EUR

 4x vernissages: speaker, music, photographer, drinks, pastries:

4.500,00 EUR EUR

 4x Flight ticket 1 artist per vernissage:

1.200,00 EUR

 4x Car rental vans in Germany:

750,00 EUR

 4x Holiday apartment for crew and guest artists:

400,00 EUR

• Transport of works of art Morocco - Germany - Morocco:

1.600,00 EUR

• Text boards, suspension, etc.:


• Insurance works of art

450,00 EUR

• administrative expenses:

200,00 EUR

• Production costs 13 photo works approx. 30x50 cm, Portraits of the artists:

1.150,00 EUR

• Reimbursement of material costs for artists:

2.600,00 EUR

• Coûts crowdfunding + remerciements:

3.946,00 EUR

With more donations we can pay more air tickets for artists and thus facilitate intercultural artistic cooperation. This is an essential wish of all those involved.

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