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KYSS - Know Your StatuS : anonymous STI partners notification

NB : To make a donation of any amount you want => bottom (or far right, mobile version) of the list of contributions. Besides the early acces to the beta-test version of the app, the "rewards" are symbolic : the reward to your contribution is the possibility to actually make these apps happen and make it so that the ones who need them can use them someday and protect themselves. KYSS - Know Your StatuS© is a FREE app that allows you to anonymously notify your partners in case of a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) diagnosis. It also allows you to be notified in case you have been exposed to a risk during a sexual intercourse (Chlamydiae, gonorrheae, syphilis, HIV, monkeypox...). Partners notification comes in addition to everything already available to manage STIs transmissions : systematic testing, condoms, PrEP, anonymous SMS notification... If you are notified, you can get tested tested and not transmit anything to anyone else ! Also, you can be treated faster, and not develop rare but possible complications of these STI. KYSS - Know Your StatuS© is of use to anyone who has sex with several partners. Some STIs are more easily transmittable than others, and condom is not 100% efficient against all of them (oversight, breaking, sex acts where condom is not usually used, etc.). Most people will contact their partners in case of an STI diagnosis. But sometimes, it can be difficult : fear of repercussions, shame, no contact info, too many partners to remember them all, etc. KYSS - Know Your StatuS© allows you to bypass all these difficulties and in that way, maximizes the chances of being notified if a risk has been taken ! The app will be FREE, EASY to use, SECURE. It will also be DISCRETE (notifications will not be detailed outside of the app), and available on iOS and Android. It will be developped first for France (in French and in English), but the goal is to make it available everywhere as soon as possible (but for that, money will be needed... cf funding details further down). The app is entirely anonymous and works with QR codes that you scan upon a sexual encounter (before or after sex, it doesn't matter). Then users send out a notification in the event of a positive test result. It will also be possible to generate group QR codes for private events : for example, this QR code would be placed at the door of the event, and will allow all participants who scanned it to be notified if one of them is tested positive for an STI a few days later and send out a notification. This app will also contain reliable STI information and links to non profit organizations to support you if you need it, and to free clinics for STI testing and treatment. Then, if the campaign is a fantastic success and we go further than expected, we would be able to make the perfect version of KYSS - Know Your Status© that we have in mind, a professional version that includes the possibility for sex places (bath houses, clubs, ...) to generate specific QR codes that would allow clients to be notified if another client, who was present at the same time, in the same room as them, sent out a notification after testing positive for an STI. This version of the app would be a professional version, given the amount of data to deal with, and would be for a price. The apps will be developed by professional developers, with an experience in dealing with medical data (we are currently in touch with Galadrim, and the amount of the estimation for the basic app - plus Kiss Kiss Bank Bank commission - is exactly the amount of the crowdfunding). We will use a server that is appropriate for medical data (HDS in France). No personal info will be necessary to use the app. For more info about anonymity and data securisation, see FAQ page, at the top of the description ("anonymous app ?" and "data secured ?"). Who are we ? Olivia Son, Infectious Diseases specialist, and Franck Dumetz, PhD in Parasitology. This project was born from numerous chats about STIs, the insufficient control of their diffusion, the risk of superbugs (multi-resistant bacterias) and the difficulty in some circumstances to contact everyone. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, "contact tracing" was paramount, and we couldn't NOT link it to STIs being at least a bit concerned about that question. That's when the idea of a "COVID app for STIs" was launched. And now, after COVID, the Monkeypox epidemic is a new challenge we have to face and proves even more the necessity of those tools. There are websites that allow you to send an anonymous text message. But you would need your partner's phone number, which is dellusional in 2022, with dating apps. We needed another tool, to bypass that difficulty. And also, without notifying all the people that were in the same metro car as you at peak hour just relying on Bluetooth proximity ! So we thought... And looked for what had been done (or almost) and decided we would try to launch the STI notification revolution. Help us help you stay in good health, and enjoy your sexlife as much as possible without anxiety !

Allocation of funds

Most of the money collected will be used for the development of the app, but we will also need a lot of advertising for the app to be broadly used (social networks, magazines, other websites, posters in free clinics, etc.) - Company creation and registering fees : 765€ - Brand protection INPI (national, name + logo) : 380€ - App development : 36.000€ - Kiss Kiss Bank Bank 8% commission : 4.000€ If we go over the top : - App maintenance for 1 year : 10.000€ - Communication campaigns : Facebook Ads, Instagram, magazines and internet advertising : 10.000€ - The more people use the app, the more oefficient it will be ! - Professional app development for sex places (sauna, hammam, clubs, ...) : 16.000€ - brand protection extended internationally (name) : 700€ - English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese... versions of the apps + international communication campaigns and distribution : 10.000€


Early Access


Contributors will have early acces to the app (beta test version) before global launch to get used to it before everyone else, and report back any notes on utilization !

Estimated delivery: November 2022



Early access to the app (beta) AND you help us with advertising and PR : let's make some noise with KYSS and let people know it exists and they can use it !

Estimated delivery: November 2022

Tech Support


Early access to the app (beta) AND you help us finance the tech support for the app. A well maintained app is an app that doesn't crash. Help us make KYSS the fastest and the most operational we can !

Estimated delivery: November 2022

Bath House


Early access to the app (beta) AND you help us finance the professional version of the app. The professional KYSS app for sex places is complementary to the individual app, and to us, necessary to have a real impact on STI control... That's what will make the difference !

Estimated delivery: December 2022

App Store


Early acces to the app (beta) AND you help us stay on the stores (App Store and Google Play) as long as possible. Price for each year the app stays on the App Store...

Estimated delivery: November 2022

Long term


Early access to the app (beta) AND you help us keep the app alive for the long run ! For the app to be around for a long time, we need long term funding.

Worldwide !


Early access to the app (beta) AND you help us bring the app to the world ! Go on vacation without bringing back bad memories ? It's possible, if KYSS goes international ! But for that, we would have to translate the app... In multiple languages, so you can go anywhere !

Estimated delivery: January 2023

1 month tech support


Early access to the app (beta) AND you help us finance a full month of tech support for the app !

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