The international bakery school has a big project: To survive!

The survival of the international bakery school is in your hands. Politically stronger than your vote are your daily actions.

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Ce projet participe à la lutte contre le Covid-19 ou a été impacté par celui-ci. Let's be stronger together ! KissKissBankBank soutient ces campagnes en réduisant sa commission 💜.

Stronger Together
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The international bakery school has a big project: To survive!

<p>The international bakery school has a big project: Surviving.<br /> And for that, we need you!<br /> Everyone is aware of the current health situation. There is no point in going over the details of the crisis we are going through. This health crisis is compounded by an economic crisis which will certainly kill many companies.<br /> Our school has been closed since March 16 and until further notice, which forced us to cancel our current training contracts and those planned until the end of June, for a shortfall of around 200 thousand euros.<br /> <br /> <br /> Because we have been working tirelessly and without institutional support for 15 years, with complete independence in the training sector and the organic sectors, it is without shame that we turn to you today to beg for our survival.<br /> Our political, educational and economic independence has a price and without financial support, our activity is simply likely to stop.<br /> <br /> <br /> The project in detail<br /> <br /> Since 2012, the diploma we issue is recognized by the French state, at bac level.<br /> It is the first diploma in the world and the only one to our knowledge which confirms the fact that the traditional sourdough bakery on the one hand and the mastery of the organic sectors on the other hand, constitutes a trade in its own right, that of craftsman organic baker.<br /> For fifteen years, we have been supporting project leaders, most often in retraining, who want to open their own organic bakery, in France or abroad.<br /> 80% of our students develop their own project and none has closed for economic reasons for 15 years!<br /> The alumni network of the school is growing every year with strong local and national economic repercussions.<br /> With 40 students welcomed each year, we have been supporting around 30 openings per year for two years! This corresponds to roughly 4 to 5 million euros of equipment invested with French equipment manufacturers each year.<br /> On the flour side, these new facilities generate additional needs of more or less 1500 tonnes of organic flour each year. Or, seen more than two thousand hectares of additional organic farming each year.<br /> <br /> On the employment side, if the school only employs 6 full-time people, the students we support create an average of one hundred jobs per year!<br /> The international baking school therefore has a direct and lasting impact on the real economy.<br /> Our disappearance, at the base of this dynamic sector which is the organic bakery, would have consequences far greater than our simple disappearance.<br /> <br /> For several years, we have also been working in close collaboration with international schools in Madrid, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco to disseminate French know-how and to maintain our skills in a very evolving market.<br /> <br /> Locally, in the small valley of the Alpes de Haute Perovence where the school is located, we are boosting the local economy, through the network of landlords, who house 10 trainees a year.<br /> We have always offered all of our productions to local charities and cultural associations, as well as to schools.<br /> <br /> In the midst of a health crisis and although the reception of the public is now prohibited, we continue to produce organic bread which we distribute free to the inhabitants of the Jabron Valley.<br /> Almost all of our alumni work today to ensure food continuity, everywhere in France, at the risk of their teams.<br /> All together, we will continue our food mission which is to make accessible to the greatest number local and nutritious bread; our political mission which is to reconsider work so that everyone can take back their work and find meaning in it within our societies, our human mission which is to offer everyone the freedom they deserve.<br /> Your political action does not only go through the ballot boxes. Today, it also involves acts.<br /> Support us and support the network of small businesses around you.<br /> Thank you in advance for your support.<br /> Take care of yourself.<br /> Very cordially.<br /> Thomas Teffri-Chambelland.<br /> <br /> <br /> Considerations and the role of contributors<br /> <br /> Donations received by a company require consideration in order not to be taxed up to 60% by the state (equivalent to inheritance tax within a sibling)<br /> This fundraising campaign is a solidarity campaign, so in order to thank your generosity and that it benefits everyone, we will offer you if the collection comes to an end, 10 new tutorials on our Youtube channel, in French and in English.<br /> This will be our means of offering a consideration to everyone regardless of the amount offered.</p>

Waar dient de collecte voor

<p>The fundraising will essentially be used to pay our fixed costs over the closure period as well as the salaries of staff who remain in activity for reasons of continuity of service.<br /> Rents, electrical subscription, salaries, accountants, IT maintenance ...</p>

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