La bouteille cassée

Short film in co direction with Romuald Carruesco for our film studies degree at Paris 8 University, and to be presented in film festivals.

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La bouteille cassée

Complete changed  adaptation of "La cruche cassée" chapter of "Notre Dame de Paris" by Victor Hugo.

This project was written by Jackeline Peralta and Romuald Carruesco for a directing class at Paris 8 University.


We've used the poet's story, lost in paris streets and his arrival at the "cour des miracles", he got himself into trouble when he meet some beggars in the streets. Esmeralda, to save him, will accept to marry him.


The synopsis: Charles, a young classy man, is dumped by his girlfriend at a party. He left the party to find her, but walking in the streets he passes by a gang of thugs who will force him to leave with them. They will force him to rob a liquor bottle at a grocer and then to go to a party where the rest of their band are celebrating the bosses birthday. During this evening, the leader of the gang will force Charles to marry one of these girls , but no one will to want to marry him , except a beggar lady who was nearby . Charles will then try to escape, but will fall on a group of skinhead ( punk ) , by fear he will turn around and join the gang again . And at the time of his marriage with the beggar lady , Charles will be saved by someone we don't except... :)

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This will help us to buy food for the actors as we're not paying them (because this is a student project), to buy costumes, to move the equipment to our filmling locations and for the post production of the film (sending it to the film festivals).

We'll be always thankfull for your help!

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