La Dame du Fleuve - Anticosti: l'impact de la parole citoyenne

What is the power and the impact of citizens'voice regarding the oil extraction project on Anticosti island? Documentary for the people

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Première Caméra 2014

Première Caméra

La Dame du Fleuve - Anticosti: l'impact de la parole citoyenne


On February 2014, Quebec's government announced that they would invest 115 million dollars towards exploration and exploitation of oil on Anticosti Island. This action was the first step toward an even more dependent oil province.


To date, many have critiqued several aspects of the project, especially the fact that the environmental impacts could be very harmful and because the economic benefits of the oil exploitation are uncertain.

Another issue to consider that is equally important is the place of citizen's voice. How do we measure people's opinion? Who has to accept? People from Anticosti or every resident of Quebec? Adults, youth? And what is the actual power held by citizens? All these questions are found under he umbrella concept of "social acceptability". In the end, are we talking about «social illusion»?


This projects aims to produce a short bilingual documentary of approximately 20 minutes about the impact of citizen's voices and their effects on the decisions regarding the exploration and exploitation of oil on Anticosti Island. We have already filmed the scenes in Montreal and Quebec city. We now need your help to reach the final step, that is to go and film on Anticosti Island.


Click here for more information (photos, news, etc) : Facebook page of the documentary


The team:

Alexandra Nadeau (movie producer)

Florence-Lola Navia (project manager)

Mathilde Michaud (camera Montreal and Quebec city)

Dan Funk (camera Anticosti and editing)

link to the portofolio of Dan


Here is a short video of the scenes we have filmed until now



"Anticosti" song performed by La Chorale du Peuple




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The "Montreal" team is voluntary. However, to go to Anticosti, we need some financial help due to its remote localization. Alexandra Nadeau (film maker) and Daniel Funk (cameraman) will be the two to go the island. Dan is from Vancouver, and to participate to the fundraising, he'll pay half of its plane tickets from Vancouver to Montreal.


Here is the budget prepared by the project manager, Florence-Lola Navia. It includes different factors, like housing, transport to go to the island and on the island, and food for 2 people. Many scenarios and combinations were possible, and this is the one that was the less expensive. The first table is an overview of the budget, and the second one is a list of references that have been used.






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