La frontière des vagues

The finance for the making of a book, a trip along the waterfront and fateful destinies, with music and the original composition of songs …

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La frontière des vagues

My name is Paul Coudsi. I’m a graphic artist and a producer of animated films and video games. I write for the performing arts and I also write songs with illustrations that tell musical stories with Sonia Bessa, my wife and companion of over 30 years who is a Brazilian-French singer and a great artist.

My current project here is a peculiar book in a big format with almost 200 pages, 11 tales, fables and short stories which are delicately embedded in each other. Eleven tales that are not only a pretext for following the course of the water while travelling along beaches, with memories and dreams such as losing oneself in the haven of the Languedoc between Montpellier and the lagoons and beaches of la Petite Camargue, but also for meeting Orpheus who leads the Argonauts into a joust against the harpies and the sirens, a devil with a ‘too beautiful’ daughter and robotic clowns who write poetry, Tupi Indians on the beaches of Rio, poets straying in Lisbon, the blending of memories, the interweaving of stories and tales and fables that might send you to sleep while standing up, or just a little something else that connects each story until the puzzle starts to recompose…  In the fourth story which takes place in and around Palavas-les-Flots, a cartoon suddenly emerges in a book of about 36 pages. In the compilation you will also find an audio cd with original songs performed by Sonia Bessa and her musicians, amid the sails, the waves, the beach huts, and travels.

A subscription will allow for the publication of the book (already written); the cartoon book and the audio cd of 5-6 songs and music are to be completed. A pre-purchasing system is offered with a big-size book of music and illustrations as the main object with the possibility of having the cartoon on its own and the pocket book without pictures or music. Reproductions of the cartoon panels and paintings, and the originals, are also on sale.

The deadline date of delivery is planned for the end of September 2019.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The money is for :

1/ the manufacturing and printing of the big book with a cartoon inside, the printing of the different individual cartoons and a version of the pocket book, and finally the reproductions (postcards, posters and cartoon panels): 1600,00 Euros.

2/ the recording, the mixing and mastering of the audio cd, the fee for the musicians and the cost of the reproductions, fees for performing rights organizations (SACEM, etc) included: 2000,00 Euros.

3/ postage for sending the objects to the subscribers who live out of Montpellier or abroad 900,00 Euros.

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