La République des rêves - théâtre d'objets et marionnettes en Indonésie

Republic of the dreams, an object theater and puppetry performance, at the World Puppet Carnival in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

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La République des rêves - théâtre d'objets et marionnettes en Indonésie



Participate in our collection to help the creation of object theater and puppetry Republic of the dreams to be part of the WORLD PUPPET CARNIVAL in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia, world festival where it is programmed for its next edition in September 2013 and where it will represent France !





Republic of dreams orchestrates a montage of Polish author Bruno Schulz’ short stories where four puppeteers manipulate alternately puppets and objects building the dreamlike worlds invented by Schulz.


The short stories draw Bruno Schulz's imaginary autobiography. The author plunges his alter ego, Jozef in a chain of sensory images outside time, a dark and baroque enchantment where everything is possible. His daily reality is mixed  with a surrealist dimension without real border.

In this creation, Jozef is represented by a hyper-realistic human scale puppet, created in Bruno Schulz's effigy, carried and manipulated by three comedians puppeteers.






Jacob his father, embodied by a actor, embroiders an absurd world during scientific and magic experiments. Possessed by his impulses, he is totally at stake with this other sphere which he builds up for himself. In their house, in their city, the father and the son, each in their own way transform the world, inventing new lives in the inanimate things, in the material, in the nature and in people. They are separated in two degraded realities where visible and invisible links are woven, revealing us the cartography of their intimate worlds.





Certain fragments were chosen to form moments of storytelling, and other fragments to compose images in movement and in music: a night-route in the labyrinths of the city, the announcement of the end of the world because of a comet coming to crash on the earth, the construction of a puppet laboratory, the organization of birds weddings in an attic.... These fragments bound outside logic form a succession of events where another time appears.










* In 2011, Béatrice Algazi, director of the project, travels the cities of Poland and Ukraine where Schulz lived, in particular its home town, Drogobycz, where she collects sensations and traces of his existence, for the project of Republic of the dreams.


* She returns in Drogobycz in 2012 along with Jozef, the puppet built as an homage to the author, to present a performance programmed in the Schulz Biennal Festival directed by Grzegorz Józefczuk, for 70 years of the death of the author.




                                        Jozef à Cracovie, Pologne.




* In November 2012, Republic of the dreams is performed at Le Lavoir Moderne Parisien in Paris. The project is supported by The Polish Institute and The Foundation for French Judaism.










* From 1st to 8 September 2013 the creation will be a part of the World Puppet Carnival, a world festival for puppetry in Jakarata and Bali, Indonesia, and where it will represent France among 70 other countries, with the following actors/puppeteers: Mercedes Chanquia Aguirre, Emilie Lambert, Bruno Negri, Thierry Pons; as assistant in the director Thierry Duval and as technical manager Etienne Exbrayat.






                                   THE AUTHOR BRUNO SCHULZ


Bruno Schulz, Polish author and artist, was born on July 12th 1892, in a Jewish family from Drogobycz in Austrian Galicia, a provincial town which will then be a part of Poland and today Ukraine. He studies Fine Arts, architecture and establishes himself as an art teacher in its home town in 1924 when he exposes his works. Later, Bruno Schulz begins writing two collections of short stories, The Cinnamon Shops in 1934, three years after The Sanatorium under the Clepsydra and a novel The Messiah, which manuscript is destroyed during the war. In his city occupied by the German, Bruno Schulz is killed on November 19th 1942, by the Nazi officer Karl Gunther.






Waar dient de collecte voor



Your participation will help us to complete our budget by financing the transport of our sets and puppets from Paris’ 18th district until Jakarta, Indonesia, for the sum of 2500 euros. Thanks to you the following objects will cross the planet to go and meet the Indonesian audiences and to represent France at the World Puppet Carnival!:


1 hyper-realistic puppet of 1m60 (named Jozef), split in 9 parts: head, hands, bust, arms, legs and feet, made foam, wooden plates, resin, ties, bolts, buttons and fabrics, with 2 detachable strips

1 horse puppet made of iron with cogs and cranks

1 small articulated marionette made of wood (named Uncle Edouard)

2 kilometers of 70 centimeters wide paper roll

1 liter of black acrylic paint

8 fabrics

1 old wooden compass

1 iron bathes in polished metal

8 glass jars

35 paper birds

1 kilometer of brass thread to suspend the paper birds

1 home-made lamp for shadows

1 glass cylinder of 1 meter in height

1 pair of shoes with 10 centimeter heels and brown color

2 electric kettles

15 cups to serve tea for the audience during ”La scène de maison”

55 orange tea bags

1 stool with wheels

1 portable vinyl record player

1 vinyl record of a Polish tango created especially for the creation

1 the second basin

1 model of a paper city

1 cardboard radio

1 iPod

1 hotel bell

1 antique boat projector from the 30s

1 glass bell 



                       la tête de Jozef dans le sac, prêt pour le départ


                                                  les oiseaux de papier



                                                    l'Oncle Edouard



                                                          la ville de papier


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