La yourlotte aux Milaventures

A horse-drawn carriage for a magical journey to India to discover Mother Nature and her benefits.

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La yourlotte aux Milaventures

Greetings to all!
We are Mr. Ganesh (draught horse), Macha (shepherd dog) and Mila (mischievous witch) with a dream

Tracing the road together, walking along the Gaia Earth to the rhythm of our hooves, legs and feet, and throughout our journey, reconnecting with Mother Nature, rediscovering and sharing her benefits and wonders.
To discover the world, its incredible diversity and unique beauty...

Our journey will pass through many countries, knowledges and cultures, and will take us to India, the cradle of Ayurveda (Indian ancestral medicine) to discover its traditions, uses and benefits on our two- and four-legged friends.

Mila studied veterinary medicine; passionate about animals, flora and the beauty of life in all its forms; this trip will be an opportunity for her to identify the Simples (medicinal plants), flowers and wild plants encountered on her route and their uses here and elsewhere.

She wishes to bring together those different knowledges in the form of a book of recipes (medicinal, aesthetic and culinary) in order to share it with as many people as possible, both animals and humans.

Through the writing of this booklet Mila would like to allow everyone to benefit from this thousand-year-old knowledge that is tending to disappear and to offer natural solutions to the technological or polluting responses that the modern world tends to promote.

Indeed, the remedies of grandmothers based on plants have a lot to teach us and there is no doubt that a return to basics is the key of tomorrow.

Nature is rich in magic and power for those who know how to observe and take care of it! Take our time, meet others, their culture and way of life, live in harmony with what surrounds us, rediscover a simple life and its benefits, limit our carbon impact,...

These are points that are particularly close to our hearts and that we would like to highlight during this wonderful adventure.That's why we decided to walk and cross the countries with our Yourlotte.

Entirely self-built by Mila and a few friends, it offers an invaluable support for exchange and sharing.We would like that this project brings together young and old and raise awareness of alternative lifestyles that respect nature.

May those different knowledges, from one wisdom to another, be able to meet and share.We have designed this yourlotte in accordance with our environment, favouring local businesses and in a dynamic aimed at using recycled materials as much as possible, while limiting our carbon emissions.

The structure is made of braided wicker  that Mila was able to harvest from a friend's oseraie and mounted on the frame of a small caravan recovered from an old man.

The inner fabric covering the structure was made from old cotton sheets collected from the red cross.The insulation on top is made of a sheep's wool felt purchased from a small contractor in western Belgium.

Finally, the acrylic canvas that will be installed outside and will ensure the waterproofness of the yourlotte is produced by a company located on the French-Belgian border.

The yourlotte will be heated with a small Belgian-made wood stove, and Mila would like to produce our electricity via a flexible solar panel.

The travel of our yourlotte will be allowed by Mr. Ganesh, the quiet strength of our trio.

Finally, a bicycle reconditioned by the expert hands of the ASBL Les Débrouillards will also be part of the trip and will facilitate Mila's movements during her bivouacs.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Now that the construction of the yourlotte is nearing completion, all we need is the carriage to tow it.


To do this, we recovered an old carriage with which Mr. Ganesh was able to make his debut and with which we are still training.

Our first idea was to weld a tow ball to it, so we could hitch the yourlotte to it.

Unfortunately due to its weight, its configuration,... it is very complicated, even impossible to realize and moreover very uncomfortable for Mr. Ganesh (i'ts a little bit small and relatively heavy).

So we had to face the fact that a front end really adapted and built in this way is absolutely necessary for us mandatory.

Mila contacted Tract Horse, a horse-drawn front end manufacturer, to see what alternative there was to our old carriage.

After many emails and telephone exchanges to take into consideration all the parameters and study as well as possible what we would like, they designed the appropriate front train for our small tribe...

A superb carriage perfectly adapted to Mr. Ganesh and the long distances that we will cover.Designed with this in mind, it features a ball on the rear axle to attach the yourlotte or any other load, up to one tonne!

It will be equipped with a system of hydraulic brakes, hydraulic shock absorbers and mirrors to guarantee maximum safety on the road.Light weight and painted in Mr. Ganesh's colours, it is the missing piece of our project, the one that will allow us to move forward.Nevertheless, this carriage has a cost: 3500 euros.

And that's why we are asking for your help,To accomplish this last step and get a little closer to this ideal that we touch with our fingertips, we need you!

Thanks to the participative financing (and therefore thanks to you), we would like to raise the necessary funds to obtain this magnificent front train and therefore start our fantastic and epic travel, at the end of May 2019 as planned!

If your generosity allows us to exceed the first objective, we could then aim for energy autonomy through the purchase of a solar panel.

TABLEAU EXCELLThanks to your donations, you will enable us, not only to realize our dream, but also to spread love, kindness and respect for all forms of life, to sow the seeds of a humanity that is more respectful of the Earth at a time when it needs it more than ever.

Thank you so much! 

Mr. Ganesh, Macha and Mila

Life is a long field to cultivate. To travel is to sow the diversity of the earth. To travel is to embellish it with the colours of the world.
Ludovic Lesven

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