Here and now, with your help, we’ll be able to finish two stop motion short films and take you on a dreamlike, poetic adventure!

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LAÄHNA Productions (2019) is the result of editor Baptiste AUDOUIN meets makeup and FX artist Maya VISSCHER, meets producer Valentine GUIOT.

Motivated by a common interest in experimenting new materials and narratives, they decided to put together a production oriented collective centered on cinematographic stop motion techniques.

This year, they’ll be directing two short films! Below the Surface, a spark (“Sous la Surface, uneétincelle” original title) by Maya VISSCHER, and The Light Devourer (“Le Dévore Lumière”) by Baptiste AUDOUIN. Two very different projects yet in it together. We/They chose to pool their search for financial donors under the name LAÄHNA. This collective also enables us/them to help each other out… Be it on the visual modeling, screenwriting, or even just a supportive pat on the back!

In short

A moonlit lake. An abandoned world. A deafeningly silent village of fishermen. Silver teardrops. And, below the sleepy waters, a spark of life…


Word from the directress

It’s all about a universe that came to me. A world where all live forms would have vanished. I had a very intriguing vision of a decaying village made of stilt houses, and this village made me want to tell its story. It’ll therefore speak with its visuals, and not with words. I feed on colors, lights. I love colorful, tornado like mashups, red splashes and blue horizons… It’s when I think about all that that I can actually make this short film.

I’d like to create a treat the eyes can suck on. Not only the eyes, but also the ears. Music is one of the art forms that overwhelms me most. It makes me see landscapes, and stories. That’s why it’ll have a sort of supremacy in this film. I want both visual and audible universes to dialogue, seek each other out and create something even more beautiful together. I’m writing visual and musical poetry centered on this small spark of light hidden in desolation. You just have to free it for it to come out to the surface and spread its light around and above us.


    In short

Despite all his attempts, Elliott cannot get does not manage to communicate with his father Charles. To reach his goal Elliott is ready to drag his father into his own world. Carried into a dream-like adventure, Charles will have to confront his past to find his son's light again.

Word from the director

The Light Devourer is the opportunity for me to talk about some psychological issues that I believe matter. And what better way than animation to physically express bottled and forgotten emotions?

Stop motion technique is the right balance between anime and cinema, it’s the opportunity to create a dreamy universe, all the while working with photography – a discipline I very much enjoy. It’s about breaking boundaries through mixing different art forms, and building a huge medieval library surrounded by darkness if we want to!

This initiative is also the chance to experiment. I aspire to mix – in a short time span – aesthetics, stop motion techniques, live action and cartoon work!

The Light Devourer is about 3 different adventures: the characters’ trip, our own path-building to make this project come to life, and last but not least: your own, if you choose to join us in its making!



Waar dient de collecte voor

As you might already know, producing an animated short film costs quite a bit of money. Even though we’re used to work from scratch, we need efficient, long lasting puppets, good rendering camera equipment and much more to make something good at the end of it.


This concerns everything that’ll help us photograph, put into light and movement our content on the set. The fact that we set ourselves a time limit allows us to give a lot of attention to details.


That word makes you think of a moving doll show for kids, doesn’t it? We’re going to change that! What we call “puppets” corresponds to the body of our final characters. A sort of articulate skeleton made for easy manipulation of our protagonists, shortening our shooting days and making it possible to obtain more fluent and realistic movements. And this goes for a nudge of the head or the twitch of a knuckle. Now you know a bit more about the importance of engineering means!


We’re going to make our own sets from head to toe, from the smallest of fish to the stilt houses and medieval library, meaning miniature sets up to more than five feet long! Our unique team will conceptualise and create two very different universes from A to Z, as to let our imagination run freer and freer.


LAÄHNA collective is the chance to finalise our short films and distribute them. Therefore it is crucial for us to share with you all our creations throughout diverse social media such as internet platforms, posters or even flyers. The aim is to get as much visibility as possible.


During these 8 weeks of shoot, we’ll have mouths to feed, miniature design transportation to do, equipment to rent and people to drive to the set…

100% = We’ll be able to reimburse the money we invested into hardware and camera equipment.

110% = We can reimburse transportation fees and meals paid for team members.

120% = We can rent a shooting studio.

130% = Below the Surface, a Spark can hire a professional band for its original score

The Light Devourer can rent a professional camera that’ll render the live action scenes much better.

150% = We can rent a projection room and exhibit our puppets and other miniatures as well as play our films.



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