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We're Perrine and Frédéric, two good friends who had met 5 years ago on a green set. This place became quickly a precious place, we get together every week to become a duo of presenters surfing on internet.   Both crazy about nature and organic food, we have decided to bring together our ideals to our job to create an e-business web site where you can get in one clic boxes offering the best organic ingredients from France.   To promote our web site, we'll hit the road pretty often to go meet the farmers and craftsmen. Fred (the Frog) will interview them. Perrine (Lady), from her kitchen will explain how to get your box ready to have a delicious diner. She will also expose the art of living à la française.    

Recently, the US authorized the market launch of genetically modified salmon. A few years ago, the EU agreed to name Chocolate a product that includes less than 5% cocoa. The good old days may not return, as the rocker would sing.  



If we are what we eat, then the agro-business think we are cattle to raise and feed. Once there was a country which cooking meant good health. Its quality products and astonishing gastronomy made its high reputation. Their nutritional benefits were known as the French Paradox.  


This is endangered by the industrial practises. Fortunately,  there are still people paying respect to Mother Nature, driven by the goal of offering their best through the products they market. They will never access to TV ads. They can’t access to the racks of supermarkets. We’re going to promote them by the means of internet.  


Information is spreading fast through the net. It runs viral. We are going to broadcast our videos on the various plateforms but also on blogs and every media that would accept them. It will then be easier to source the very best of French Food direct on our e-Biz website.  


Waar dient de collecte voor

In order to shoot our Web Reports and other videos, we need an appropriate equipment. To keep our project creative and entertaining, we need to choose this light and performing to shoot in fields, wine caves and small operations.  


Please find enclosed the proforma for the equipment we need. Total amount is 10000 euros. Your contribution, however small, will consolidate our own ressources.  



We invested our savings in the capital of the company. Our relatives had been kindly invited to reinforce our equity. We’re in the process of receiving a loan from a public bank (France loves public money involvement). 


“to be a Man is, precisely, to be responsible… It is to feel when setting one’s stone, that one is contributing to the building of the world”. -  Antoine de Saint-Exupery in Wind, Sand and Stars.  






Warning : the content of our boxes is designed to please two persons. Therefore, if you were to share our Foie Gras box with 3 guests, you'd better order two items. We are legally obliged to warn you : Alcohol is prohibited to little people ; there might be trace of nuts and other allergenic products in our selection.




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