Laia - Colombian handmade espadrilles !

Laia is a socially responsible brand of handmade Colombian espadrilles.

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Laia - Colombian handmade espadrilles !


                                 Espadrilles a la colombiana !


This type of shoe has been a part of our culture for a long time. Today, we want to preserve the techniques of our craftsmen while adding a touch of innovation and share something of Colombia’s culture with the world.


                    “Our idea is to create a project of solidarity”

Our espadrilles promote work opportunities in Colombia and the development of our society.

Handcrafts occupy a very important place in our country. The techniques are passed on from one generation to the other which results in colourful and lively products that reflect the warmth of Colombian culture.


                    “Each pair of espadrilles is 100% handmade”



We work with a workshop of 10 artisans located in Cali. All our products are made by adults who receive a fair salary for the valuable work they do. ​ We make sure that there are no children or underpaid people involved in our manufacturing process.


                            « Made from 100% local materials »




           “A pair of Laia espadrilles means social responsibility

Fairness and equality are at the very core of our business values. We feel fortunate to be able to do what we do.

It is important to us to contribute and give back somehow to society. More specifically, we are also committed to helping Colombian children through this project.

Part of our annual profit will be donated to the school Luis Horacio Gomez in Cali, in order to give scholarships to children from less advantaged families


Supporting education is a step towards a better world.



          ​              «Discover Colombia thanks to Laia»


Colombia is one of the richest countries in terms of landscapes and ecosystems. Ethnic and cultural diversity results in a wide variety of colours and shapes that are transmitted through handcrafts. Our intention is to allow our customers to discover Colombia through our brand. We have printed on our products the nuances, shapes, and joy of our culture.



  "A mixture between ancestral techniques and modern fashion"











                                               Our collection




Price during crowdfunding campaign 55 € - Final price 65 €. 


Shipping in France : 3 €   To add to the final amount of your contribution

Shipping in Europe : 9 € To add to the final amount of your contribution


We will contact our supporters during the campaign so that they can choose among our 8 designs and select the size.

Sizes are available from 36 au 41 Europe  (5 - 9 USA,  3,5 - 7,5 UK)



Deliveries will be made from June 21st, the first day of the summer. You will be ready to enjoy sunny days with your Laia espadrilles.


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Waar dient de collecte voor


We have a first goal of 50 pre-orders. This will allow us to launch the production for this summer, to have a first stock and donate the first group of scholarships in September for the school year 2018 - 2019. 


Later on, we would like to offer our clients more handmade products from Colombia and thus expand our brand. 


We need YOU to be able to develop this venture <3




And to conclude.....


                                      « Who is behind this project? »


Laura (29) and Diego (27)  – Brother and sister - travel and running lovers. 

We grew up in Cali, one of Colombia's most important cities. With the idea of supporting the products of our country, we have been exporting Colombian textiles for a few years.

Diego left Cali at the age of 18 to conquer Scotland, where he lived for almost 6 years and from where he was able to visit other countries in Europe. He has now been back in Cali for almost 4 years and is in charge of the production of Laia. He establishes contact with the workshops and the craftsmen and also organises the logistics and shipments to Europe.

Laura left for England at the age of 22 to do volunteer work for a year. In 2012 she moved to France where she has lived till this day. She is in charge of the design of espadrilles, brand design, marketing and communication, and brand development in France.


Credits and acknowledgements for this campaign :

Video : Nicolas Reyes

Model : Anny Rivera

KissKissBankBank : Adrien Biot

And thanks to l'Atelier Meraki for believing in our project, for the guidance and support. 


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