Lancement CD Arpeggione

Take part in the launch of our CD devoted to a magnificent program around the Schubert's "Arpeggione" sonata !

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Lancement CD Arpeggione

Timothée Marcel, cello / Elio Di Tanna, piano


This recording is the result of a fruitful collaboration of three years, during which we shared more than 50 concerts, creating a musical complicity around the most beautiful works for cello and piano.  




Throughout the concerts, we developed a special affection for the three pieces presented on this recording that have diverse aesthetics; the first written at the end of Viennese classicism, the following written in the purest German romantic style and the last one embodying French Impressionism. Strangely, this program without a real musical link, harmonizes admirably well. 


In order to share this great adventure together, we invite you to the launch concert which will take place on Thursday February 23, 2017 at 8 pm in Saint-Ephrem church located at 17 rue des Carmes in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The concert will be followed by a dedication session of the CD around a cocktail.  


Here is the CD's program:



Arpeggione Sonata in A minor, D. 821 

Allegro moderato





Fûnf Stücke im Volkston, Op. 102

Vanitas vanitatum - Mit Humor


Nicht schnell, mit viel Ton zu spielen

Nicht zu rasch 

Stark und markiert



Cello Sonata in D minor, L. 135






Waar dient de collecte voor

Here are the expenses incurred by the recording of this CD:


Sound engineer 500 €

Editing and mastering 500 €

Recording studio and piano tuning 1000 €

Photos 200 €

Drawings illustrating the CD 400 €

CD pressing 1000 €

Financing of the launch concert (rental of the church + cocktail after concert) 500 €    


Your support will be used to finance all or a part of this project. The funds collected will be received by Timothée MARCEL but equally distributed between the two musicians and will allow the partial or total reimbursement of the advanced fees.


In case of an over-collect, the surplus will allow us to launch a new recording project and we already have plenty ideas of atypical and exciting programs !



Thank you for your support and generosity !




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