Précommande Undergroove Records ( BMK )

UG001 - COSMIC GROUND (various artists), soon available !

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Précommande Undergroove Records ( BMK )

In few words BeatMastik (BMK) You know What Is It ?


A music band made by passionate friends acting in the city of Lyon to share there love about electronic music and to make all the people dancing in local places.

Since two years we have organised some very electric nights with House Techno, Acid, Jungle, Deep, Lo-Fi, Breakbeat, Hip hop sonority and more.


Today the adenture continue and the famillie grow up !

2017 was borned our independent label Undergroove Records specialit of Eclectic House music but also the release of our first Vinyle UG001 – COSMIC GROUND (various artists).


All this novelty is for us the aboutishment of few years of work and the result of a commun passion touching the electronic music.


All of that put us to continue and make this projet better and better. The first idea is to share more our music with a large Franch and International passionate public.


We have the pleasur to introduce you our First Vinyl, we are proud to present this nuclear weapon composed by the way of an explosif track made by Larry Houle (DKO Records) and also some chill and sweat songs made by our friends productors and member of the organisation Heymil and Baldov.


Find out the COSMIC GROUND's tracklist undermentioned :

Tracklist Vinyl :

A1 - Larry Houl - Objectif Andromède

B1 - Baldov : Baby i'm ready

B2 - Heimyl : Ride groove

A Big Thank you to my friend Victor Donetti for all this crazy ARTWORK ! I put just after the preview of the tracks to let you wait until the date !



Waar dient de collecte voor

The BeatMastik assosiation will collect all the result.

In total we need 2500€ to start our Cosimic Ground Vinyl. The association get for the moment 1500€ already collect due to the three parties and the deal of Tee shirt and Tote Bags.


So Help us to realize this project ! Make a donation ---------------------------


This momey will be use to paid all our project and let us the possibility to make a new one next ! UG002 with Das Carma - Pnom Pen - Popka (but please it's a secret ! HAHAHA)).


Thanks for you support and see you soon on the dancefloor !!


Is we get more than the 1000€ … What we do ?!

1500€ : We'll bring you a Big name on the line up for the next party in Lyon !!! 2000€ : We'll make a second vinyl asap !!!Heimyl-1509807596-1510578123

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