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Launching of my first silk scarf collection LASCLOE ! Supporting my project makes a dream come true...

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LASCLOE foulards en soie







LASCLOE is a scarf brand that I am creating.

My name is Chloé Lamy, I'm 28 years old, I'm from Annecy (France 74000) and self-taught. I want to share my passion for colors and movements through silk.






All the scarves I'm creating are made with 100% natural fiber (100% silk for the most except one which is composed of 70% cotton 30% silk).


The pattern is originally hand drawn on paper with ink and then scanned.

I use a small part and I work it on the computer.


The file is sent to a textile print company.

I work with 2 companies, one which is settled in Spain (silk from Italy) and the other one in Holland (silk from Asia).

Why? Because each one proposes different silks (weaving and weight) and quality.


I work with two sizes. According to the product, it's a square 85 x 85 cm or a stole 148 x 40 cm.


A part of the scarves are hand rolled hem and some others are machine stitched hem.


The pattern and the color combine better with a particular silk.

Light, thick, mat, brighter, soft, opaque, more transparent silk

Silk for the day or for the night.

Silk according to the season or the desire.


Do not forget that the scarf is a colorful accessory, which gives a touch of fantasy and extravagancy.

There is more than one way to wear a scarf: around the neck, in the hair, as a wristband or as a belt.


My collection will be available on sale on my website which is currently under construction. 


I ask for your help because we always need others to achieve a project.




My first collection


First category


You will find below samples of my first scarf collection (According to the donation, you will choose among this selection):



1. Scarf "luciola" stole 148 x 40 cm 100% smooth and slightly shiny silk, hand rolled hem





2. Scarf "nuité" square 85 x 85 cm 100% smooth and slightly shiny silk, hand rolled hem





3. Scarf "planta" stole 148 x 40 cm 100% smooth and slightly shiny silk, hand rolled hem





4. Scarf "telana" square 85 x 85 cm 100% crimped silk: thicker than the others scarves beneath, with a matt aspect, machine stitched hem





5. Scarf "oceani" stole 148 x 40 cm 100% very light and soft silk, with a transparent aspect, machine stitched hem





6. Scarf "argentisa" stole 148 x 40 cm 100% very light and soft silk, with a transparent aspect, machine stitched hem





7. Scarf "tachaki" stole 148 x 40 cm 70% cotton 30 % silk: light transparency, machine stitched hem






Actuality "A face A scarf":


Thanks to my sister Alexandra to model with my scarves.

Two scarves from my collection are presented.

To see more of them, support us!



1. Scarf "planta"







2. Scarf "telana"







3. Scarf "tachaki"








Few pictures from LASCLOE teaser:











Waar dient de collecte voor

Participating is supporting me to create my first stock!


A part of the donation will be used to finance your gifts, the other part to constitute the first stock that I will sell in the future. You will help me to promote my creations if you will wear them!


The more I send scarves to thank you, the bigger my order to my supplier will be and the more interesting the cost of the textile will be!


The cost of the stock includes the purchase of the textile, the printing, the hand rolled hem or machine stitched hem, the label and the shipping.


Your donation is the equivalent of the purchase of a product you may like (which you can choose among my selection) at a reduced price. Once the scarves are on the market, they will be sold at a higher rate.


Thanks for helping me to start a project that inspires me to wake up in the morning!


The gifts I offer in exchange are postcards, stickers and scarves.








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