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<p><strong>Le Baron Blanc in 2 words:</strong></p> <p>In this uncertain period, let us give the means to Baron Blanc, the next essential cultural site of the Genoese cultural history center, to create at this bad time a mission of reception, exchange and mutual aid around cultural, social and literary projects. and musical!</p> <p>Le Baron Blanc The Truth, who wants to bring together all those who wish to spend, attend or participate in cultural activities, help for the LGBTQI + community as well as the social integration of immigrants and the most deprived must work today to contribute to the creation of this unique place, a crossroads of human adventures which will host all these activities. Being a non-profit association being associated and recognized by Arci (which is an Italian Governmental Organization working in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs to fight and promote human rights). We therefore offer a membership card pre-order system, meals and wines, spirits from the best vegetable gardens and canteens around the world, drinks but also the production of artists and authors of the place.</p> <p>Because participating in the creation of this place also means saving a certain &quot;inclusive&quot; vision of a peaceful society, which has understood that cultural diversity is its DNA and its driving force.</p> <p>Creator &bull; s / creator &bull; s and the origins of Baron Blanc</p> <p><br /> My name is Alex Tifack Ngnintedem 23 years old human rights activist<br /> and a third year student in the Faculty of Language and Tourism at the Universit&agrave; degli studi di Genova.<br /> Coming from a very modest background like most of you, from my earliest childhood I was confronted with the various evils which undermine our society.<br /> The click for me was about 2 years ago when I had the great opportunity<br /> to frequent associations and participate in the management of one of the most<br /> famous social club of the city of Genoa namely the &quot;Nick Masaniello&quot;<br /> This allowed me to become aware of my privileges and the enormous suffering<br /> moral, physical, human, health that endures on a daily basis a large part of our<br /> community and it worsens enormously in the last few months because of the crisis linked to covid-19.<br /> This is how, 8 months ago with the help of long-standing friends (we are about ten on this project) such as Riso Mikael, we decided to unite in solidarity to create the association Le Baron Blanc, who will aim in these uncertain times when isolation and individualism plague us, to share a place like ours, yours; an islet in the heart of Genoa, its streets paved with banks, real estate agencies and insurance companies; a refuge where to mix and meet, whatever the stratum<br /> to which one belongs; a place to just hang out for hours enjoying<br /> to do nothing except remake the world (the one before as the one after ...).<br /> Our project was well received whether by our relatives, our<br /> community on instagram: <em><strong>@lebaronblanc</strong></em> and even other members<br /> similar associations which allowed us to date<br /> of November 25, 2020 to officially and legally create our<br /> association, the latter being recognized and associated by L&#39;Arci<br /> (Italian National Organization legally recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs)</p> <p>The project in detail</p> <p><br /> For the establishment of the association, we need a lot of money.<br /> &euro; 10,000 will be a minimum to reach to attempt an opening that may<br /> the association to have some autonomy.<br /> We do not assure you of 100% success, because we are not sure of anything like everyone else now, and we do not know what will be done in the months to come. But we really want to believe it, we believe in you!<br /> We therefore want to do everything so that Le Baron Blanc can offer in this bad period, the installation as soon as possible of a Covid vaccination center as soon as possible, before we meet there by the hundreds and be able to dance there, to play the piano, the guitar on the tables celebrating life, love and peace.<br /> To organize concerts, booms and sound systems (Ciao Ciao neighbors!), Help migrants through French, Italian and English language courses, thus promoting their linguistic and social integration and mixology courses during<br /> in the afternoons without forgetting the frenzied chess tournaments and other wonderful games, and to taste the small dishes offered by the Genoese gastronomy (the famous Genovese pesto) or the famous foccacia al cappuccino!</p> <p><br /> Counterparts and the role of contributors</p> <p>Regarding the rewards, we let you read, there is something for everyone,<br /> for all budgets, and there is a way that we have a good laugh and that it looks like fast<br /> to anything we were used to at &quot;Nick Masaniello&quot;<br /> We did not indicate it, but whatever the case and whatever the<br /> amount, each contributor will be (if he / she is willing)<br /> photo, and his photo displayed on a wall dedicated to the creation of the association.<br /> You should also know that even without monetary funding, following us on instagram: <em><strong>@lebaronblanc</strong></em> would be another way to support and promote with us<br /> the cultural, social, moral and civic values ​​that we defend.<br /> In the meantime, we can&#39;t wait to see you all together, and long life to Baron Blanc!</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>A few figures, but not too many ...</p> <p>Being for the most part (we are about ten involved in this project) students and young workers, it is impossible for us to meet all the association&#39;s needs on our own, especially at this hard time of humanitarian and economic crisis.<br /> So please we need:</p> <p>&euro; 6,000 to finance the 02 months rent deposit + 1 month rent + the costs of the rimmovable agency</p> <p>&euro; 3,000 to finance around twenty pieces of furniture, tables, internet packages, educational books, televisions<br /> and development work to be carried out for the association&#39;s enclosure (setting up a stage for shows, etc.)</p> <p>&euro; 3,000 To finance the other products necessary to make the association autonomous (fridge, bed to accommodate the most needy, audio-visual equipment for lessons, musical instrument, billiard, calcetto, table ...)<br /> piano, microwave oven and stove to cook the meals that will be served.</p> <p>the KissKissBankBank commission for the success of the campaign (8%).</p>


Featured reward

The Generous Baron !


    One (01) bottle of chardonnay champagne offered / One (01) bottle of 18-year-old whiskey Electronic membership card valid for 48 months and giving free access to all events for 04 years. or $ 100 of consumption of your choice (for you and your friends)

    Estimated delivery: March 2021



      One (01) electronic membership card (valid in PDF) valid for 12 months and giving access to all events and shows for 1 year + Two (02) beers / Drinks offered

      Estimated delivery: April 2021

      The Brave


        One (01 bottle of Italian Red or White) + An 12-month membership card or $ 30 consumption of your choice for you and your friends! + free access to all events for 1 year

        Estimated delivery: March 2021

        The Gentelmen


          Includes An electronic membership card (valid in PDF) valid for 24 months giving for 02 years free access to all events organized by the association Club for 03 years + One (01) bottle of 12-year-old whiskey or $ 50 of consumption of your choice (for you and your friends)!

          Estimated delivery: March 2021

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