Help us finance "Le Cabaret de l’Austérité" and laugh your way out of the Crisis!

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The Pitch

"A cigarette, may I? "Asks the man. "Are you serious? "Answers the woman, before unleashing a flood of words about her miserable condition and the many efforts she puts in to achieve the acquisition of a pack of cigarettes - her only comfort! Despite his surprise, the man does not lose his cool. He invites her for “coffee” at his home than finds himself almost instantly in bed with her. After making "love" she lights an other cigarette... "A puff, may I? "Asks the man…


This is the kind of encounters Gilad Kahana offers, in his Tel Aviv chronicles right after the wave of demonstrations against social inequality and the high cost of living, during the summer of 2011. Theses chronicles remind us of the situation in Greece, Spain and Italy. In France the situation is not very different. We talk of austerity in the newspapers. We are told the crisis is near. But it’s already here!


Le Cabaret de l’Austérité is composed of sketches, interactions between people living in a society that is in crisis: economic crisis, political crisis and moral crisis. The scenes take place in the street, in a supermarket, at work or simply at home. Each "ordinary" meeting is absurd. Kahana’s humour is unexpected and ferocious. 


The starting point

I discovered Kahana’s writing during a stay in Tel Aviv the summer of 2012. Behind the name Gilad Kahana, there is a journalist in his forties, born in Mexico, the founder of two Israeli rock groups: The Giraffes and the Walking Man. He is also the author of poems about Tel Aviv, and a collection of novelles, as well as many clips that you can find on Youtube. In fact Gilad Kahana is a Star in his country. I asked him to work on his columns in order to make a show. He immediately agreed. 


La Reine Blanche

The theatre of La Reine Blanche is located close to the famous theatre Bouffes du Nord, at La Chapelle Metro station in the north of Paris. This charming 200-seat theatre is changing it’s orientation from world music to theatre. We immediately connected with Veronique and Adrien who auditioned us: They loved our proposal and we adored the venue. . 




Creating the show

After testing the show in readings and other forms, we will finally create the Cabaret de l’Austérité at September 16, 2014. The show will play at La Reine Blanche theatre on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until 3 January 2015. For this show I invited four actors: Julie Pouillon, Franck Lorrain, Catherine Gandois, Smadi Wolfman and myself, plus 3 musicians of the Fredox orchestra and also engaged the talent of my entire artistic team to make the magic happen. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

We have concluded an agreement with the theatre in which we do not rent the venue but the theatre does not produce the show. That means that we both take a risk and share the profits. Our theatre company, Le Reseda, has already produced several show including: Kishinev 1903, Yadja , Jehu and other performances, readings etc. But given the fact that we don’t have no regular funding for the company. We find new funding for each new show as it comes.

Given the short period time we have for building this show, we are lucky to be able to use a more modern and immediate funding method like crowd funding.


We have many expenses: First there was the cost of supplies: costumes, videos, wigs, makeup, set (minimal but existing) light and music, not to mention the three weeks of rehearsals. All this come to a total of 55 000€


Then there are the expenses related to communication. We prepare a poster campaign in town and in the Metro. It is expensive but totally necessary to fill up a venue with 200 seats 43 times. the total is of 12 500€


And finally, thanks to your generosity, we would be able to complete the artists salaries until the money will come in from the box-office and subsidies. The show can be done with 3, 4, and 5 actors and with or with out the band of 3 musicians. The coast per night is between 600€ and 1500€ . For the 43 shows the average coast will be about 42 500€.


The total cost of this production (creation and run) is around € 110,000. We would like to achieve with this collect a total of 9% of the global amount.


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