Le Graal du Voyageur Moderne / The Grail of the Modern Traveler

Join Merlin for a very special Trip to the heart of health by participating in the edition of his latest book...

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Le Graal du Voyageur Moderne / The Grail of the Modern Traveler

"The Grail of the Modern Traveler" is a practical guide for travelers who are getting exhausted regarding time and stress management: trips, hotels, changing habits, etc..  This book came up after an interview with Lilou Mace - Reporter and author I met at a conference in Reims in 2012. I realized once more  how it may be difficult to keep our energy up for work when travelling on a regular basis.


Here the interview with Lilou Macé  (in French) :



Working in the field of health for 15 years, I have noticed that people who travel regularly have bigger difficulties to obtain results than others. The atmosphere of Reims stimulated my creativity and I decided to write this book to allow travelers to stay full of energy (and therefore more effective) despite the uncertainties and constraints of the unknown paths. To motivate the (tired) traveler to go through this guide, I wrote it with humor, however scientific, to promote relaxation. So I asked Merlin the Wiser to wrote it with me and advise us on the best reflexes to have when traveling the world. Who better could help us than him, the man who led the knights of the round table to the Holy Grail?




French podcast about the book  PODCAST Émission du 17 Février


Waar dient de collecte voor

The purpose of this fundraising is to publish this guide in French and in English, depending on the success of the funding) . The minimum funds necessary to publish the " Grail of the Modern Traveler " with Author House Publisher is € 1,212 ($1668) to cover the following expenses:

- Basic Edition Colour Publishing : € 610 ($840)

- Creation of a blog for travelers to share experiences : 250 € ($344)

- Budget for counterparties: € 250 ($344)

- 8% KissKissBankBank : € 102 ($140)

You can discover the Author House Publishing (budget , etc.). Www.authorhouse.co.uk on (in £).


The budget is now over 1212€! So the French edition is possible and I am really happy about it!


What would be even better now is to reach the minimum for an English version (€3030 or $4168). The budget will decide which format is possible according to the options of the publisher : € 3,030 ($4168), € 3,232 ($4446), € 3,737 ($5140) or € 4,242 ($5835).


On top of the €1212, the budget requires :

- Translation : € 300 ($412)

- English correction by Author House : €400 ($550)

- Blog in English : €300 ($412)

- Basic publishing Edition : € 610 ($840)

- 8% for KissKissBankBank : € 208 ($286)

Total: € 3030 ($4168)


If the funding is going even higher, different versions of publishing will be available :

- the “ESSENTIAL” version ( ie with Social Networks coverage ) : € 790 ($1088) (Target funding : € 3,232 or $ 4446)

- the “FUNDAMENTAL” version ( ie with Social Networks and Press coverage) : € 1220 ($1670) (Target funding : € 3737 or $5140 )

- the “CLASSIC” version ( with the creation of a website about the book) : € 1710 ($2355) (Target funding : € 4,242 or $5835 )


Thank you very much for your attention. I really appreciate it. This work is based on my enthusiasm for health and education. I hope that this can inspire you and I wish you an amazing (future) trip.




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($995 or £1367) This is the ultimate minimum budget required. If you are the lucky traveler to believe on this project at that point, I am very grateful. You will be honored in the book by a full page and you will receive a great traveling satchel with personalized assessment (+ previous rewards).
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