Le Grelot and the art of CBD

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Le Grelot and the art of CBD

...Hello and welcome in my secret garden

My name is Charles Arnould and it is with pleasure ( and with a little bit of stage fright as well) that I will now present to you a project that’s very dear to my heart. 

But before, this is Estelle, my collaborator and my other half. The one without whom Le Grelot wouldn’t be the same today. 

With the hopes that you like this as much as we do. 



…Le Grelot, where does it come from ? 

A grelot is a small and round sleigh bell. It’s been always been a part of my life. It’s a tribute to my mom and grand-mother, their last name was Grestlot, they left too soon if you ask me. 

And there’s also this little story that gives it that extra meaning. Ma grand-mother created this tradition of collecting teddy bears and pin a grelot as soon as they got in the house. Her favorite was called Lulu and he now lives with us, for the greatest joy of the entire family. 


It was obvious to link that small little item to a project in which I believe so much.


…CBD , why? 

My idea simply came for the pleasure of eating a good meal. That same pleasure that you get when you eat a meal where no aspect was neglected and every details mattered.  And on the other side I’ve always been fascinated by hemp and the flowers it grows. I find that CBD flowers deserve the same attention to the quality, the preservation, the presentation and the consumption. It’s for that reason that I wish to offer a selection of premium flowers, in the goal of making your experience even more pleasant. 


…The selection and the tasting

The first criteria’s of selection for a CBD flower can be seen even before the consuming the flower. The visual, the fragrance and stickiness are already linked to the quality of the flower


These visual, tactile and olfactory elements are all created by one part of the flower; the trichomes. The trichomes are incredible glands responsible for the production of the CBD and that play a crucial role in the good development of the plant. By checking their colors during the flowering process, we can even determines when it’s time to harvest. The next criteria is without a doubt the most obvious : the tasting. Vaporisation is for me the best to consume CBD flowers.


Firstly, in absence of combustion, the vapeur is only made of naturel elements and completely healthy. It also allows to extract more molecules from the flower and to enjoy even more the relaxing effect. Thanks to vaporization, we can really appreciate all the different fragrances and flavors from each strains. It really is the perfect tool to search for the best CBD flowers. Our selection was done on flowers grown accross Italie. 


Glass was a logical choice, while been ecological, it’s perfectly suited pour CBD flowers. It’s the most neutral and naturel package materials.Its also the only that can be kept, reused, collected and exposed. It keeps the freshness and the aroma of your flowers intact. It’s for all those reasons that the glass fits perfectly into my idea.  

For the cherry on top, they are from and manufactured in France.

…The aesthetic and the evolution of the Grelot

Just like for a pastry, the aesthetic makes you want to eat it. Its fully part of the whole experience, on the same level as the smell of aromas of the CBD flower.



I’ve always been attracted to that attention to detail specific to passionate artists. There was no better choice than that sort of artist to transmit that feeling and highlight Le Grelot.


….The artists for the first collection 

CBD flower are by their nature limited in quantities. It’s to follow nature that Le Grelot will reinvent through collections limited in time. A new collection will bring with it new strains, new artists and also a new aesthetic. To give credit to the artists, in each collection, a pourcentage of the sales of each jar wearing their illustrations will be given to them.

It is a pleasure to introduce, the collection of Mai 2021, illustrated by Paul and Theo Vilaceque. 

Paul is a Tattoo artist from Toulouse . Meanwhile Theo is a comic author and illustrator in the Pyrénées orientales. Even if they are brothers, they still have their own universe. Universes that I will let you discover through their illustrations or their artwork shown in the contributions. 

…But that’s not all

I didn’t stop there. The world of CBD opens so many doors, even more so when talking about functional art and craftsmanship. I wish to make you discover craftsmen that impressed me by their creations and their knowledge.



Let me introduce the work done by a French woodworker « SteM in France » . 

He makes wooden accessories, called stems, for Dynavap brand vaporizer. They allow to customize the appearance and change the experience of the Dynavap. As a matter of fact, it’s with one of his creations, that I’ve done the selections of the varieties that will be available. It’s always a real pleasure to use his creations. 



The second craftsmen I wish to introduce is « Dab-To-Dab », a glassblower from Paris. He makes unique pieces , that allow with a dynavap, to vaporize CBD. Also, it is with a great pleasure that I reveal to you an exclusive collaboration Le Grelot x Dab-To-Dab

Furthermore each contributions gives you a chance to win the Le Grelot x DabToDab collaboration ! 

I must admit I was really impressed the day I got the piece in my hands. It meant a lot to me. 



Furthermore, with each collection, I intend to introduce new craftsmen. 

…Thank you for your visit.

More than once I got surprised from the joy and satisfaction that I felt when working on this project. The idea transformed into a dream and now I just need your help to make it true. If I were to do it again, I wouldn’t change anything. 

Thank you to everyone that contributed, thank you for believing in my dream. Thank you my sweetheart. Thank you to everyone who helped me created this crowdfunding campaign. Thank you KissKiss !




Waar dient de collecte voor

Your contributions will be used to :

  • honor the rewards
  • pay the artists share
  • create the "legrelot.fr" website
  • create a stock
  • pay Kisskiss's share 
  • the chance to live this adventure with Lulu

Level 1: 10000€

  • Thank you , Thank you , Thank you
  • Here we go ! I'll be able to keep dreaming and launch the first collection
  • Lottery to win the Le Grelot x DabToDab collab
  • The artists will get carte blanche on an limited edition jar that will only be available  during the crowdfunding campaign
  • To celebrate the launch I'll get the gorilla made out of glue tattooed ! 

Level 2: 15000€

  • I'll be able to fund and start working on the 2nd collection !
  • Lots of endorphin !

Level 3: 20000€

  • A party, or just like it ! We open a pop up store in Paris with the duration to be determined. With DabToDab as guests for the opening. 
  • For the contributors, if you have the chance of coming to see us, with your grelot , you will receive a gift and lots of gratitude
  • No,no I won't cry

Level 4:? 

  • I've got so many ideas ! 
  • Wow

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