Le Moustique

A shitty writer, a mosquito, an electric drill... Help us fund our film and find out what happens!

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Le Moustique



A shitty and lonely writer finally gets published after writing a novel in one night. His secret? A mosquito haunting his room and keeping him awake... One morning, he realizes with horror that his mosquito is gone.




"Le Moustique" is our final short film at Luc Besson's film school École de la Cité. Shooting will take place May 16-19 and the film will be screened at the end of June in front of Luc Besson, French actor Alain Chabat, as well as a panel of film professionals.




A mix of Barton Fink and Bug, with a dash of Delicatessen, we want to create a dark and oppressing atmosphere that reflects the mental evolution of our writer. 




We are thrilled to work with Vincent Vilain who will play The Writer, as well as Jérôme Vigliano in the role of The Neighbor.


Waar dient de collecte voor

We are very lucky to have a crew willing to work on the film for free, as well as to have access to camera and lighting equipment. However, it takes a lot more to make a film ! Our budget will be spent as follow : 


Shooting location and set design : we want to recreate our writer's apartment in studio in order to have full control over the mise-en-scène!

Costume and props : every detail counts and we want our set and characters to be as realistic as possible!

- Make-up: special effects make-up will be necessary to make our writer physically deteriorate!

- Additional gear : renting lenses and grip equipment will allow us to improve our mise-en-scène!

- Transportation and catering : we need to rent a truck for our equipment, but most importantly, we need to feed an entire crew for 4 days!


Support our film by becoming co-producers, and keep an eye on our Facebook page as we begin production!


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