Le premier championnat du monde de Qwan Ki Do à suivre en live

Help us organise and cover the 6th Qwan Ki Do World Championship (Vietnamese martial art) in Brussels, Belgium, from 3-5 April 2015!

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Le premier championnat du monde de Qwan Ki Do à suivre en live

Qwan Ki Do is Vietnamese martial art covering all traditional techniques and beautiful to watch. 


Capture_d__cran_2015-01-25___14.45.31-1422193534The 6th Qwan Ki Do World Championship takes place in Brussels this year. It offers individual and team combat, as well as hand and weapon techniques and a demonstration not to be missed by the International Qwan Ki Do team. 


The event is organised by the Belgian Qwan Ki Do Federation thanks to the support of many volunteers who dedicate their free time to make this unique event happen in Belgium. 


It's the first time an international competition of an Asian martial art takes place in Brussels and we are very excited about this!


Click here to know all the details of the 6th Qwan Ki Do World Championship


What is Qwan Ki Do?



Capture_d__cran_2015-01-25___14.40.52-1422193574Qwan ki do quan khi dao. Site de la Fédération belge de Qwan ki do.Bridge between traditional Chinese and Vietnamese martial arts and Western culture, Qwan Ki Do is among the greatest martial arts and is gaining momentum. It is currently practiced in over 25 countries on all continents. 


A comprehensive martial art, Qwan Ki Do includes several techniques in cluding weapons and self-defence. It aims to promote harmony between body and mind through breathing and concentration exercise, in an overall philosophy of life typical of traditional martial arts. Its diversity and adaptability makes it relevant for all ages and characters. 


The Belgian Qwan Ki Do Federation


Capture_d__cran_2015-01-25___14.41.14-1422193606Created in August 2003, the Belgian Qwan Ki Do Federation promotes this martial art in Belgium. It has 300 members, children and adults in 6 schools based in Brussels and Wallonia. It is very dynamic and young, and is constantly working at creating new learning opportunities for both teachers and students of Qwan Ki Do in Belgium. 


The Belgian Federation includes some gifted students: it won the European children championship in 2014 in France and ranked third in women combat at the European championship in Switzerland in 2013. 

Photo album of the European championship in Switzerland, 2013




Waar dient de collecte voor

The logistics of the event is partially financed by the subscription of competitors. 


We need your help to:

- make the event free for all visitors during the 3 ays of the competition, and to

- allow us to cover the event live and broadcast it on social media during the competition. 


The money collected will be used for communication material (programme, beachflag, posters, flyers, etc.) and to ensure a near professional live coverage of the event, both during the competition and backstage.


Here is the detail of how we plan to use the money: 

- programme (2500 ex.) = € 2000

- flyers and posters = € 350

- equipment to shoot and edit audiovisual material = € 650

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