Le Prochain Train

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Le Prochain Train

« I tell you about this link that exists between us. You cannot see it, you cannot feel it, you cannot touch it, nor you can hear it. It does not give any taste in your mouth but it is there, between one and you, it lights you up and joins you... And so far, it was still belonging to us".




Le Prochain train (the next train) is the story of two lonely persons that were not meant to meet.


Vincent is completely absorbed by his work. Permanently living in front of his screen, he does not pay attention anymore to his life, which is progressively slipping out of his hands. He will only realise what is going on when discovering his wife has left him, without even noticing it. Forced by his friends and his family to react, he will make the choice that appears the only logical one for him: To call a social network professional, who will take care of inventing him a new life and coaching it.


This is Karine's area of expertise. She takes care of one's life when you cannot afford anymore to do it. Give her your usernames and passwords, she will take care of the rest.

These two become thereby associates. What else in such a business oriented world when everyone fights for making himself useful, efficient and indispensable?


This is the basis which Le Prochain Train is built upon. A strange basis on which these two lonely souls will discover each other ... and try to socialise.




Le Prochain Train is about the link. What about the link, the human link, the social link, in such a period where everything is dominated by Information and Communication Technologies, ruled by the virtual and numerical social network?


It tries to discuss very modern issues and questions, without opposing nor making judgements on the old and new form of socialisation. It only aims at raising questions: Karine and Vincent meet and go back and forth within an atmosphere dominated by message notifications, noise and rush. The play is settled in a context where everything is considered as a product, as a potential source of economic and financial  income and benefit. Where is the human and social link that was belonging to us so far? Are we still controlling it? What if we would decide to slow it down, to try to be only us, living each moment to the full and only in one place?


The play deals with modern communication tools without addressing only to experts of it. It aims more at describing and analysing the person watching his screen, rather than looking at the screen itself. Though the links between the human being and the new technologies are the core of the story, what we wanted to achieve is merely to raise essential and natural questions: Where are we going to ? Did we choose this direction? Who is driving it? Who is controlling these rails where we are rushing?


For what we could see so far it appears to be the first try in France to analyse such questions within the frame of a theatre play. We therefore hope to receiving a large number of support and to generating, enriching, perpetuating a debate around this theme.  

Waar dient de collecte voor

The overall cost to build the play in Avignon is 27000 euros.

We only request 2500 to pay for the communication activities, namely the posters, flyers, books and CDs


Should we receive more than 2500 euros, and we will invest into the translation of the text for an English edition.


Thanks to all for your support



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