Le Psautier enluminé de Ligugé

Support the limited edition of the Book of Psalms, entirely written out in calligraphy and illuminated by Jane Sullivan.

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Le Psautier enluminé de Ligugé

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Jane Sullivan is an Irish-American calligrapher who lives in France. Her main areas of artistic interest are Calligraphy, Illumination and Fantasy Art. You can learn more about her work on her website. She enjoys artistic creation, but also loves to share her art with others. To this end, she teaches in person and on line and she writes books about her subjects of expertise.  Jane also plays the Irish harp and often receives commissions to decorate harps with celtic interlace and fantasy art.

From December 2014 to October 2018, Jane took great delight in creating an illuminated version of the Psalter (based on a French translation by the monks of the Abbey of Saint Matin of Ligugé). She worked in a small studio, provided by the monks, adjoining the Abbey church.

Look at some pages of the book

Four years of calligraphic work now being completed, Jane plans to publish the Psalter in a beautiful fine-art edition for Easter 2019. It is therefore time to ask if those of you who would like to support this unusual and impressive project would like to buy one of the numbered and signed copies of the full Psalter, and thus contribute financially to help cover the production costs of this "limited edition" of the "Psautier de Ligugé" calligraphed and illuminated by Jane Sullivan.

Your financial support of this project would be viewed by Jane as a form of personal involvement in the publication of this work of art.  This would be your contribution to the energy of encouragement and sharing which has surrounded this endeavour from the start: Jane has always said that every visitor to her studio in the Abbey became a part of the Psalter! This will be true, as well, for all of those who help financially in bringing this project to completion.

Persons contributing 99€ or more (plus 15€ shipping costs; thus a minimum of 114€ in total) will receive a copy of this first edition, numbered and signed by the artist.  This beautiful book will measure 25x35 cm and contain over 300 pages of richly illuminated calligraphy.  Of course, for those wishing to contribute a higher amount, one copy will be offered for each 114€ given.  For those who wish to contribute less (still very much appreciated!), Jane will offer two of the smaller partial volumes containing collections of Psalms already published (in spiral-bound, A4 format) --- this applies to amounts between 66€ and 98€.   For amounts between 33 and 64€ one partial volumes will be offered. For yet smaller amounts (always welcome!), bookmarks illustrated with excerpts from the Psalter and signed will be offered: 4 bookmarks for contributions of 22€-32€, 2 bookmarks for 11€-21€, and 1 bookmark for amounts of 5€-10€.

Jane extends her very sincere thanks to you, in advance, for your support of this exciting project.  She has put a great deal of love into her work, and she hopes that her art will warm your heart and delight your spirit!


Waar dient de collecte voor

The budget for the production costs of 500 copies of the Psalter in a cloth-bound, fine-art edition on beautiful paper, with a gold-embossed title on the cover, is fixed at 15,000 € (tax included).

Expenses :

  • Printing costs :                        15,000 €
  • Shipping costs :                        3,000 €
  • KissKissBank commission :         650 €

                                            Total:   18,650 € 

Available and required funding:

  • Subscriptions to date:               8,000 €
  • Contribution from Jane:              2,000 €
  • Funds from KissKissBank:        8,650 €

                                            Total:   18,650 € 

The publication of the “Psautier Enluminé de Ligugé” is scheduled for April 2019.

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