Le Tuk-Truck Asean street-food

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Le Tuk-Truck Asean street-food


Once upon a time there where two travelling lovers, who decided to embark on a crazy project-staying in one place for a while, to take you on a culinary trip!

The recipes are authentic and brought back from our travels, but the food is fresh and locally-sourced. We want to recreate an immersive experience, to give each of our future customers the impression that they're in the heart of Asia.

The recipes and motivation are strong, as is the identity of the Tuc-Truck, but the road is still long and the budget is tight. That's why we need your help: to finish financing the truck and its equipment.

Soon we'll be able to meet again, and we hope that we can then taste what was, just a few months ago, only a dream.

This is us...

We are Ana and Dim, two lovers who are passionate about travel and international cuisine.

A chef and a shopkeeper with dreams in their heads… or at least, that’s how it started, but the current health and professional situation globally  - as well as the surprise and joy of the arrival of a baby - have only accelerated our ambitions.

True globetrotters at heart, the two of us have travelled all over the planet, but if we had to choose one place that we loved the most it would be Asia.

Our travels allowed us to discover few flavours, recipes and techniques that were previously unknown to us. Today, we in turn want to introduce them to you.


A bit more details...

The idea of joining together in a project is not new, just like that of creating a food-truck. The ideas and the desire were already there, our professions and skills are coherent and complementary, so we decided to go for it. The timing is not the best but de joy could not be greater. And it is now that everything is accelerating... 

But why a food-truck? Because it's mobile! So travel can remain at the heart of the project. Our goal is to create an immersive experience reminiscent of the heart of Asia. The road is long, we have already completed the whole process of reflection and competitive study. Our identity is defined just like our positioning and the menu. We are in the process of defining the list of partners with whom we will work, the aim being to supply ourselves as locally as possible. We have developed a zero waste policy and are in the process of thinking about the types of packaging we will use, the goal being to be 100% recyclable. 

We plan to launch the Tuc-Truck for the summer 2021 on the Basque coast, but for that we need your help. We are missing 6500€ to finalize our project.

Here are some pictures... Soon to be very beautiful and newly-equipped thanks to your support!!!

What about the menu..?



Waar dient de collecte voor


"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

Because we believe in it very much we are impatient to meet you at the Tuk-Truck to share a great moment, cook for you and tell you how grateful we are ❤️

See you very soon ;)

Ana and Dim.

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