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I am a young French brand of ready-to-drinkPremium classic cocktails”, made in France, which can be enjoyed at home or in facilities without a bartender.

My original idea is very simple: very few people are able to make an excellent cocktail at home for many reasons … lack of time or equipment, missing the right ingredients, no desire to, not enough ice cubes, etc.

Now, all you need is a glass, 2 or 3 ice cubes and you’re ready to go.

Useful information on LE BARTELEUR: an increasing number of French people drink cocktails at home (70% according to Nielsen and Ipsos polls in 2019), and products made in France (latest 2020 CSA study). And so much the better!

I have therefore created 3 recipes with the assistance of Ferroni at the Château des Creissauds in Aubagne, Provence: a Negroni, a Manhattan and a Hanky Panky.

This first collection is an initial category in which all the cocktails feature vermouth and bitters. The idea is to vary these two ingredients for each cocktail, by emphasising certain tastes or smells.

Mission accomplished: to offer the same quality as in a cocktail bar or a hotel bar.

And you, what kind of cocktails do you like?

Refreshing? Fruity? Spicy, but not too much?

Where to find me

I started my selective quality distribution in early 2020, mainly with my wine merchant friends, at the Grande Epicerie in Paris, the Épicerie l’Idéal in Marseille, etc.

I also worked twice with the excellent pastry chef Sébastien Gaudard in Paris (New Year pack at the end of 2019 and Valentine’s Day 2020).

They recommend me, and I send them my heartfelt thanks.

I have received a really positive welcome from professional journalists, customers and bartenders alike. Many articles have presented these new products in the wines and spirits sector: Elle, La Provence, GQ le club, Vogue.fr, Whiskymag, Shakewell, etc. 

As the figurehead of a game which is played around the world in all cultures (Tarot de Marseille), I have existed and plied my trade since ancient times. My name and image have changed over the centuries. Some called me the alchemist, the illusionist, the travelling magician, the craftsman as I master both liquid and solid materials and flavours. My dexterity has also created my reputation as a conjurer for my sleight of hand in public and the ease with which I can move things.

My keen mind is constantly seeking sensations.

Today, I am the barman, the mixologist, the creator of new combinations.

I am behind new flavourful preparations. I launch ideas and convert them into real projects and secret recipes. Proud and agile behind my counter, I like to mix, measure and play with these alcoholic aromas to create new cocktails.

I am an inventor of tastes, a key asset known as LE BARTELEUR, a juggler of flavours.

Now it’s your turn!!!

Now that all has been revealed, I am ready to serve your pleasure. It is time to play with me to enjoy my elixirs as from June.

Enjoy good cocktails this summer at home, on holiday, with friends… at last a bartender at home, but one who doesn’t take up too much space!

Whether in person, during e-drinks, on Zoom, on Houseparty, etc. I will be the perfect companion.


Waar dient de collecte voor

Today, I need you to support me in the development of my project. 

This first phase would enable me to finance the production of a second batch of my 3 cocktails, once again in Provence ! The largest percentage will therefore be devoted to the distillery, while a small amount will go towards dressing me (labels and stoppers). The rest will go to thank the KKBB team.

A second phase would allow me to create a 4th cocktail using rum for a change, and to let you enjoy a preview of course, for New Year celebrations for example, as of December 2020 ! This is to be revisited once the first phase is completed of course… I am counting on you.

Lastly, a third phase would enable me to make my French-made cocktails known internationally. It is high time to show that in France we have strong arguments supporting our cocktail-making skills.

Now it’s your turn, like LE BARTELEUR, to juggle with all the rewards I am offering.

Fill your bar, get some new clothes, get a gift for a friend. Don’t forget birthdays, summer is approaching quickly, treat yourself.

Thank you. I will see you very soon for the next step in my adventure.

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You are already a fan of the brand, and rightly so. You are a woman or man of taste, like LE BARTELEUR. For you we have the full kit to become a juggler of flavours: 1 T-shirt, 1 Sweatshirt, the Le BARTELEUR poster, the 3 baby BARTELEURs pack, and of course of a 70cl bottle of each cocktail. Now it’s your turn.
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