Wiiwii's Farm, Ferme écologique

Wiiwii's Farm, a project that works for the climate in Egypt needs YOU!

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Wiiwii's Farm, Ferme écologique

Since 2017, Wiiwii's Farm aimed to restore and maintain the local ecosystem, by organically cultivating products and producing minimum waste, and connect people with nature. The project lives from its production of olives and vegetables and from hosting various events related to family, women, kids and camping. The concept is simple, beside organic farming, the farm is welcoming people wishing to reconnect with nature where they will be able to discover various plantations, various dishes, to be able to interact with animals, to practice sports, to sleep under the stars or to rest in a safe natural environment.

Allocation of funds

The financial situation of the farm is unfortunately critical. From COVID which didn’t allow to host many events and tourists to the catastrophic climatic conditions of the past season which only allowed to produce 10% of the food production, did not help at all to cover the cost of functioning properly. Wael, the owner of the farm, in addition to having had to choose not to repair his telephone where he can keep communication with clients & volunteers which was broken a few days ago while helping me catching one of his dogs not to run out of the farm and which allows him to contact volunteers, had to sell a donkey and a goat to continue to pay his expenses, such as water, electricity, animals food. Despite all the qualities of this country Egypt, ecology and organic are not yet very trendy Those who are sensitive to it, know how much ecology, sustainable, fair and inclusive work are things that are essential for our well-being, our survival and our dear planet as well. The purpose of this initiative would be to help Wael’s farm get through this bad season and to be able to continue to sell good things for the taste buds, health and to continue to raise awareness among local people of the importance of taking care of the land we live on. It is for all these reasons that I strongly invite you to participate with donations, without putting yourself in financial danger of course, and thank you in any case for all the help you can bring to this beautiful farm.


Featured reward

A day of food for Moshakes, Wadee and Whity


You provide food for 3 dogs for a day

500 grams of organic vegetables


  • 3 contributions
Carrots, onions, eggplant, ... make your choice and come and pick them up during your visit to Egyp t;)

A tour of the farm by the master of the place


  • 2 contributions
A guided tour of the Farm (Visit the site + feed the animals + spend time with them)

Visit of the farm + Dinner


  • 5 contributions
Visit + Dinner

A night on the farm


  • 2 contributions
In a specially equipped Lodges

One night at the farm + dinner + breakfast


One night at the farm + dinner + breakfast

A month of watering the plantations


  • 1 contribution
You allow the plantations to be watered for 1 month

All our gratitude


All our gratitude

You cover the costs of all this bad season <3


You cover the costs of all this bad season <3

You allow the farm to be independent and almost self-sufficient


You will be offered 1 week at the all-inclusive farm for offering the farm its 95% self-sufficiency

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