Les Concerts de Pan

Les Concerts de Pan : the metamorphosis of the flute through 5 centuries. Support the project and embark with us for a fascinating journey !

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Les Concerts de Pan


A Video YouTube Channel + A Facebook Page
Suscribe for free and each week a new video will be uploaded with a beautiful piece of the flute repertoire, performed on a different type of flute, corresponding in time and style to the instrument it was written for ; Les Concerts de Pan will become an encyclopedy of the flute where specialists or amateurs will find master-pieces as well as rarities and hear them in all their diversities of sound and esthaetics.

----> performed by Alexis Kossenko, world reknowned flute specialist
       (see biography under)

----> filmed by Colin Laurent, one of the best music movie directors

----> works by Virgiliano, Bassano, Van Eyck, Hotteterre, J.S.Bach, Telemann, Oswald, Quantz, C.P.E.Bach, Stamitz, Schneider, Mercadante, Kuhlau, Jensen, Krakamp, Fürstenau, Demersseman, Walckiers, Hamm, Andersen, Donjon, Köhler, Debussy, Karg-Elert, Ferroud, Honegger, Hindemith, Rivier, Ibert, Jolivet, Varèse, Bozza, Koechlin, Berio, Feld, Arnold, Piazzola, and many others...

"Dear music lovers, dear flute friends. I am very excited to introduce my new project called « LES CONCERTS DE PAN », a project that many of you will want to follow, and maybe to support.
LES CONCERTS DE PAN will be the name of a new YouTube channel and also of a FaceBook Page, on which you will discover the richness of the repertoire for solo flute and at the same time the fascinating development of the flute through the ages. By subscribing FOR FREE to this channels, you will be notified once a week about the publication of a new video.
Each video, shot by the great director Colin Laurent,   performed on the exact period flute, which will allow not only to understand the intrinsic evolutions of music and instrument making, but also to hear the piece with a new light (and sound !). Each interpretation will be followed by a brief presentation of the instrument I use.
My experience, which was built during 25 years of collaboration with some of the greatest orchestras / conductors, concerts as soloist and recording over 15 solo CDs, allowed be to develop my playing on all the historical forms of the flute, while I was putting together a collection of instruments covering 5 centuries of music : this is what allows me now to offer you this ambitious project. Week after week you will hear famous master.pieces (such as Telemann fantasies or Debussy’s Syrinx) but also many others, little known or unknown ; and if some of them would maybe not be worth a CD recording, video and use of historical instruments can multiply its value and interest and justify it in a historical context.
From the XVIth century to our days, from Van Eyck to Piazzola, from the renaissance flutes and recorders to the modern Boehm flute, come and discover these many instruments that have carried, over the centuries, a single and same name : FLUTE."

Alexis Kossenko, born in Nice in 1977, is currently regarded as one of the best specialists of the flute under all its historical forms. After his Frirst Prize in Paris conservatory in the class of Alain Marion, he started a very rich activity as orchestral player with some of the most reknowned European modern and period instrument orchestras and collaborated with conductors such as Krivine, Rostropovitch, Gardiner, Immerseel, Mortensen, Malgoire, etc... He is currently first flute of Orchestre des Champy-Elysées (Ph.Herreweghe) and Gli Angeli (S.MacLeod), alongside a very busy career as soloist. His numerous recordings have all gained prizes from the critic.
Alexis Kossenko is also a demanded conductor, who collaborates with period instrument orchestras as well as symphony orchestras and opera houses, in  a repertoire ranging from Lully to Britten. He is artistic director and conductor of orchestra Les Ambassadeurs.

Videos realized by Colin Laurent :


Waar dient de collecte voor

The first recording session aims to record 26 pieces (26 videos), which means providing a weekly updated during half a year.

The budget will be organized as follows :

* Video shooting by Colin Laurent : 4800€
* Post-production / editing : 3000€
* Rent of the recording locations : 1000€
* Travel / Accommodation Alexis Kossenko (+ friend for technical help) : 900€
* Restauration of 2 flutes needed for the recordings : 1000€
TOTAL : 10700€

* Personal Contribution : 5700€
* Kisskissbankbank contributions : 5000€

If the crowfunding goes higher than 5000€, the remaining amount will be invested into a second session of recordings (for the second part of the year)



* 13-15 May : video shooting of the 26 first clips

* 1st July : launching of the website, relase of the first clip

* July-December : weekly update with a new clip - saison 1, 1st part

* October or November : video shooting of 26 new clips

* Janvier-Juin 2020 : weekly update with a new clip - saison 1, 2nd part

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