Les Femmes du Monde Racontent

"Let's Women Talk" Give your contribute to this project, a photo-documentary about beauty and life's priorities

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Les Femmes du Monde Racontent

I'm passionate about travelling and photography, What I really want is to get in touch with new cultures and traditions. In my travels I like to meet people and know their stories and their inner worlds. My photographic project focus primarily on women and their lives. Traveling in Africa and southeast Asia, I've realized that women do most of the work, at home as in the fields. I want to see personal experiences from closer, I want to have enough time to discuss with these women in order to have their trust. I need them to unfold and to tell me about their life by letting me take pictures.   

I will focus on two aspects of these women's lives:   

The first will be the concept of beauty and the attention to their body. As everyone knows, beauty is a very relative idea. I wil like to understand what the tribes and the communities I'm going to meet think about it. What it really means to be beautiful to them? Having a big or small nose, a high or low breast, a clear or black complexion ... body treatments and produts which help them get closer to their ideal. Herbs and mixtures used to protect their skin and hair, choice of the apparel ...





The second aspect will be the individuation of what is important to them by observing their daily life. Priorities of life are another concept that changes depending on the person and on the culture. In our society there is an ongoing struggle among family, career and personal development, social acceptance, material goods, money ... in the developing countries the family will be maybe at the first place, but which are the other priorities? Which are the most important values? What these woman most care about? Is the beauty also a priority? Does money overtake religion? 

That's the target of my trip, having an answer to all these questions.




I would also like that this research becomes a video-documentary, that's why it would be cool if a cameramen is interested in it. He/She will be welcomed to joining me in this trip.  


I really care about your advice and suggestions to improve my project, if you cannot support me economically you can certainly do it with your ideas and experiences. 


Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information, I will be happy to satisfy your curiosity.  


If you want to look at my works this is my website:   www.gugupics.com

Waar dient de collecte voor

I need an economical support to add to my savings. I need to buy some photographic material and to print at least ten copies of my photobook. So far I used a bridge camera but to do a professional job I need a reflex.  Flights and travel are the highest expenses.  Regarding accommodation I will try to save as much as possible by staying with the locals.   



                      Photographic material:            2.500 euros

                      Accessories :                                200 euros

                      Transfers           :                        3.500 euros

                      Visas/insurance/vaccines:     1.000 euros

                      10 copies of the book:                 800 euros


                      TOTAL:                                        8.000 euros


personal savings:                                           5.500 euros


your support:                                                   2.500 euros








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