Les figues de barbarie: créations contemporaines à piquer soi-même

Support our project of contemporary sewing kits for parents, babies and children: trendy fabrics, step-by-step instructions: just go for it!

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Les figues de barbarie: créations contemporaines à piquer soi-même

The project starting point


When Florence was pregnant in 2011, like many soon-to-be mothers, she experienced a strong urge to take some time for her and her baby to construct a cosy nest to welcome him into this world. As a fashion designer, and comfortable around a sewing machine, she thought she would seek inspiration from her mind (and her own ten fingers!)

As it turns out, many of her friends who were pregnant or recently had given birth, also shared the same desire to surround their child with a "handmade" tenderness. From a variety of backgrounds and with differing degrees of DIY expertise and time to spare, Florence discussed ways to offer a personal touch to their "welcome home baby" preparations.

It is at this time that the idea took hold to marry Florence's high-end fashion expertise, as well as her know-how of pattern-cutting, sewing and hand embroidery to the service of mums searching for a unique and personal "DIY" project in the spirit of contemporary design aesthetics

The time they would spend to make something with their heart and their hands, would also be the start of bonding with their newborn.

The ideas came flowing and the project naturally evolved to include projects that parents could work on together with their older children. Each kit that has since been created marks a shared moment between family and a unique and timeless object representing the love and bond between parent and child.

Thus les figues de barbarie sewing kits were born. 







Very trendy kits indeed


The kits, packed in a pretty cotton drawstring pouch, are ideal for offering to a friend or family member or just for spoiling oneself. Each kit contains all the necessary pre-cut fabrics, the pattern, the wadding or the embroidery threads (if required), as well as a step-by-step method printed as a charming old-fashioned copy book.

The pouch also serves as a way to safely keep all work-in-progress or as a home for children secret treasures...





The kits are offered as part of two distinct projects categories:


You are pregnant, or know someone who is?

Prepare your child-to-be's very own trousseau, offer a kit to a friend, or help an expectant mum-to-be make hers! These kits include projects designed to make bibs, changing mats, bathrobes, plaids, bed bumpers, playing mats and lots more. All projects include unique and modern fabric prints, coming straight from Japan, and hand-picked by the kit designer, herself. 





Already a parent of an older child?

Then, it is with your child that you can make a whole range of soft toys, dress-up accessories, hand puppets or mobiles in very pretty cottons digitally printed with exclusive designs. These kits are especially designed to help simplify the task at hand, so it becomes, dare we say, almost child's play to make and here are some nice fun family afternoons coming your way! 









Florence studied fashion design and pattern-cutting in France before graduating from London Central St Martins in menswear in 2000. She continues to teach there from time to time.

She went on to work in London and Paris for brands including Paul Smith, Kenzo and No Added Sugar for 10 years, and she became a mum in 2011.

Her desire to transmit this DIY sense and contemporary fashion style brings her to lead workshops in and around Lyon, France, during which she shares her know-how with parents-to-be, parents and children alike.




Waar dient de collecte voor

After all the up-stream work that marked the genesis of this project: the market study, the product design and feasibility, the creation of the step-by-step methods, the search and sourcing of fabrics and much more… this crowdfunding campaign will allow the engine to get started, so to speak: e-shop, stock, communication, this is it, it's for real!


We need to raise 5000 Euros:


- final payment for the e-shop design: 3300 Euros

- stock replenishment (exclusive designs printing, buying of fabrics, wadding, embroidery trends…): 600 Euros

- partaking in the "L'enfant et son Univers" trade fair in Lyon: 600 Euros

- printing (step-by-step methods, communication items): 500 Euros


TOTAL: 5000 Euros


​If we go over our target, we will be able to allocate the following funds to:


- buying small cutting and pattern drafting equipment: 100 Euros

- buying a vapor pressing station and/or a vacuum ironing plan type ironing board: 190 and/or 450 Euros

- building a packing and packaging stock: 400 Euros

- search engine optimization for the website: 100 to 150 Euros/month

- partaking in the "Playtime" and/or "Créations et savoir-faire" trade fairs in Paris: 1700 and/or 1900 Euros


We thank you in advance for the interest you are showing to our project, for your continued support through the evolution of this idea and in partaking in the official launch of les figues de barbarie.

Find us today on the facebook page for more info:


And soon on the website:



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