Les risques du métier

Ode to our inner child who finds it difficult to blossom in a society where mainly have competitivity as our only concept of development.

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Les risques du métier

<p> Les risques du métier (english title : It's part of the job)</p> <p>  </p> <p> Road movie in the north of France.</p> <p> Xavier, soon to be 30, salesman for a business coaching company, has to go to Lille for a executive convention/gala where the best salesman of the company will be choosen.</p> <p> He's lying to himself, pretending that his job fullfills his dream but he wish he would do something else. On the road he will meet the boss's son, Brian, 12 years old. It's his birthday today. Xavier, to his great regret has to babysit him. Under the influence of Brian, Xavier is going to question himself et see his everyday life with  brand new eyes.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Pourquoi ? To make a crowdfunding is a way of confronting myself to the other people's opinion and to say out loud : I need you in order to make my movie. I believe enough in this movie to present you this crowdfunding campaign today. It's also a way of confronting myself to the fear of being rejected and to a possible fail of the crowdfunding campaign.</p> <p> The thing I like the most about crowdfunding it the participative thing, like a direct democracy. No one gets beetween the author and his audience which allow the sincerity of the point of view of the author to get through the process which result in an authentic work.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Intention:</p> <p> To play with the symbolism of pyramids (success, access to the elite, structure of all business) in order to seize control again avoiding usual clichés.</p> <p> Show the unwieldiness of the hierarchy and the paternalist authority of the public/private institutions and of the coach/guru and at the other end : people who remove all sense of responsibility prefering to listen to other people instead of being themself, too scared of being different.</p> <p>  </p> <p> I have many intentions with this movie but I would rather let the movie speak for itself rather than write something long and pompous.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p> <strong>2000€ </strong>: Rent the RED EPIC (camera that shot Prometheus, De rouille et d'os, The girl with the dragon tattoo, Holy Motors)</p> <p> <strong>600€</strong> : Light and dolly</p> <p> <strong>550€</strong> : battery, SSD, audio recorder, microphones, monitor</p> <p> <strong>320€</strong> : costumes et accessories</p> <p> <strong>700€</strong> : shooting location (colieux de tournage (fancy dress shop, executive convention place, laundry)</p> <p> <strong>600€</strong> : food</p> <p> <strong>800€</strong> : transport</p> <p> <strong>600€</strong> : create DVD, t-shirt, stickers,poster, rent a cinema for the preview showing in Paris</p> <p> <strong>   8%</strong>  :  KKBB's commission</p>



Photos of the shoot in jpeg + script in pdf

Estimated delivery: August 2014


previous + link to download the movie in 1080p HD

Estimated delivery: December 2014


previous+ invitation to the premiere with the cast (Q&A+ drinks) in a parisian cinema

Estimated delivery: December 2014


previous + DVD (with the making-off and a word from the director) + stickers ohgamin/ les films du chien blanc + your name in the credits

Estimated delivery: December 2014


précédent + glasses diffraction effect or hearth effect (accessory of the movie)

Estimated delivery: December 2014


previous +official t-shirt of the movie (rare)

Estimated delivery: December 2014


précédent + poster of the movie (by RDLS)

Estimated delivery: December 2014


    PACK Messiah : previous + come to the set and to the editing of the movie

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

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